New blog, new start

I’ve tried blogging before.  I always start well, but quickly backslide.  I don’t have enough to say, I don’t want to be as transparent as I need to be.  There’s a lot of reasons.  I’m trying it again.

See, instead of documenting my weight loss efforts (which when spotlighted by a blog look pretty crappy) I’m going to be documenting my new goal.  I want to compete in a Sprint Triathalon in 1 year.  It’s a BIG goal.  I don’t own a bike.  I can fast walk a 5K.  My swimming skills are good, but probably not competition ready and I don’t have experience in open water.

San Diego is the *perfect* place to do outdoor activities.  I’ve been taking so many baby steps, I figure it’s time to try a big jump.  The weight loss is a big part of the picture, but I am not going to be defined by my body’s mass – I want to be defined by my capability.

So here’s me at my first San Diego 5K back in 2009.  Keep watching for MORE BLOG POSTS!


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