What I’ve been doing for training

The thought to do a triathlon really just hit me in early June.  But I’ve been workin’ on my fitness for a few months now.  I have a great trainer at my local gym since February.  I pay him to seriously kick my ass once a week.  We’ve been doing a lot of strength training, and I’ve definitely seen results.  I’m a lot stronger, I have more energy.  My arms have definite tone.  I haven’t seen much change as far as weight loss and decrease in size.

Going to the gym once a week for a serious workout is great – but it’s not enough.  I try to go and do cardio on my own, and I succeed – sometime.  That’s a big reason why I want to have the triathlon goal.  Triathlon is a serious, all around fitness test.  You can’t just be good at one thing.  Something like this will make it even more important to hit the gym more and more, and also to get my nutrition in check.  I’m trying to wrap my brain around the concept that I need to eat MORE.  Sounds counter intuitive, but I think it’s my particular problem at this point.

I’m not doing this all to look pretty!  Case in point, this is me after a long cardio session.  But I’m still smiling.

No makeup, all sweat. Gosh, my nose looks huge from this angle!

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