Human Pretzel

In the interest of cross training, to support my very inflexible husband, and because I love it, I took a yoga class yesterday.  7 years ago I practiced once a week at The Yoga Center in Portland, ME and their approach to Hatha and Iyengar made me feel strong and centered.

This class at my gym here in SoCal was listed as Hatha, but the instructor introduced herself as a substitute and warned us that she runs a really hard class.

OMG, that was true.  Within minutes I had broken a sweat.  And it didn’t stop.  There were lots of transitions, but not quite as fast as Ashtanga.  And I’m really, really bad at transitions.  Lots of people in the class were up for the hard moves.  I think she led the class in to 10 different head stand variations over the 90 min.  The most impressive one to me was a move from downward dog into a back bend.  Whoa!

I didn’t do that, of course.  I stayed in Child Pose when they were inverted.  But even Child Pose was starting to be hard on my knees by the end of the class.  I’m glad I stuck with it, even when I panicked at the realization that the class was 90 min, not 1 hour.

I literally sweated buckets.  I had to flip my mat over once because it was too slick. But I got to get in to some familiar poses and I hope to go back to another class soon.  I’d probably better pick a beginner class though.


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