Bringing the heat

Yesterday I had a fantastically ass kicking session with my trainer.  We mostly stayed outside doing stuff with the TRX, stability balls, bosu balls, ropes and some free weights.  The circuit was hard.  My nutrition beforehand was a little off because I didn’t have my normal meal an hour and a half before the workout.  I had half of it 2 and a half hours before and then the rest a half hour before. (I had an appointment in the middle.)  But energy wise, I did okay.  There was only one small period when I felt like my energy level was failing me.  The rest of the time, it was just my muscles failing me.

We talked about my progress.  Considering where I’m coming from – i.e. my current weight – my trainer is really happy with my progress.  He said that the level of fitness I’m bringing every day is great.  But it’s time to turn it up to get through the body fat barrier.  I got some new homework, which will be a little tough to complete since I’m going away for the weekend, but I have confidence!

Who knows, I’m going to bring my workout stuff, maybe I’ll sneak in a workout in Vegas.  But probably not.


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