Heel Trouble

That heel pain is still with me.  Not super terrible, but enough that I’ve had to kind of change my normal gait.  I’ve always been a heel strike, roll on to the balls of my feet kind of walker/runner.  I’ve tried running on the balls of my feet, and that’s okay, but walking without heel strike is just weird.  I feel like I’m walking like a marionette or something.

My circuit training was tough yesterday.  Partway in to my second group of circuits I started to feel really weird.  I wasn’t counting reps correctly (doing too many!) and my vision was weird.  I couldn’t really concentrate straight ahead and my peripheral vision was a little fuzzy.  So I took a beat, got a juice from my trainer.  I really hate not being able to power through.  My nutrition was on target – I had my big breakfast as directed, an hour and a half before the workout.  I primed up with honey right before and I carried a water bottle around.  (I usually take water breaks at the fountain between circuits.)

I took the day off today and the heel is feeling a bit better, but I’m not going to call in tomorrow.  I’ll either use the stationary bike or swim.  Hey, if I’m serious about this triathlon thing (and I am)  I have to start with the whole biking thing and using a stationary bike is just about as good as anything I can do now.

Just to be safe, I am going to check in with my podiatrist.  I wear custom foot orthotics for a plethora of foot trouble.  Maybe it’s time for a new pair, but I just want to make sure I get the sign off to continue to train the way I want to.


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