Water, baby.

In light of the fact that my heel is still giving me trouble, and that it was unseasonably hot and humid in San Diego yesterday, I swam for a workout last night.  I was in the pool for about 45 min, doing laps, general stroke practice, and treading water.  It was pretty low intensity, but it is fantastic to be in the water.

I’ve always loved swimming and I’m so thrilled that I’m able to swim so often now at the complex pool.  Ever have an activity that you *love* and when you get back to doing it you wonder “why haven’t’ I been doing this more?”  That’s exactly how I feel about swimming and yoga.

As far as triathlon swimming, I know I have work to do. I’m not ready to get a wetsuit yet as my goal is still a ways off.  I’m thinking about getting a device for buoyancy for lower body.  I’m not parallel to the water surface like I need to be.  I need to get my legs up and my face down more.  I have a very weird stroke style that keeps my head above water for a freestyle stoke, which isn’t a freestyle stroke at all.  Bad habits must be broken.


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