Okay, okay. I see it now.

Yesterday was kind of a milestone day for me!  When I got up in the morning and looked at myself, I actually saw some differences.  About a month ago I noticed that I lost some size right around my bra band.  My trainer had told me another trainer had remarked how I’m looking great.  Still, it wasn’t enough for me to really notice.

But yesterday, I noticed that I was smaller around my ribs.  I also could feel a difference in my hips.  I scrutinized myself in the mirror and decided – yes, there was change.  Yes, I was getting smaller.  Awesome!

I got ready for my afternoon workout and just for the heck of it, I grabbed a pair of workout capris that I have never worn.  I bought them when I went on an online active wear buying spurt on Champion about a year and a half ago.  I was disappointed that they didn’t fit.  I put them away thinking, I will be able to wear them eventually.  It had been awhile since I had tried them on.  But not a super long while.  I slipped them on.  Guess what?  They TOTALLY fit.  Easily.

I need that kind of win.  I need whatever I can muster to keep myself motivated.  I posted about it on Twitter and Facebook and I got 47 likes by the end of the day!

My heel is still weird.  It doesn’t hurt, but I feel a difference between right and left.  So I’m taking it easier today, too.  Yesterday was upper body.  I’m not sore today, but I feel like I got work in nonetheless.  Today will be lower body.  It’s a pretty decent circuit as long as no one is breaking up my flow!

Oh yeah, and when I went to bed last night?  I could totally feel new muscle definition in my upper arm.  This makes me happy!

Another workout on the books!


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