Hello from the road!

I’m in the middle of a cross country road trip right now!  Internet access is kind of spotty so I haven’t been posting anything!

Here’s some scoop.  I did the Chargers Bolt to the Q 5K on Saturday the 21st.  I didn’t beat my best time, but it was a fun course and the hills at the beginning definitely kept me from getting an early burst.  However, I wasn’t really sore or hurt afterward, so that’s a win.  I left on Monday for Maine.  I was in town for 36 hours and then started the drive back to San Diego.  I got to catch up with friends but there wasn’t much for exercise while I was there!

Last night we did end up taking a nice walk when trying to find a place to eat dinner!  I wish I had my Fitbit with me to see how long that walk was.  It felt VERY long.

I left the Fitbit at home because I was worried I’d lose it somewhere. Eek.

I have some photos to post, but it’s late here in South Bend, Indiana, and it will have to wait until later.  Until then, thanks for reading! 🙂

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