Stop. Yoga Time!

Life has been weird lately. I’ve not been on my bike, or spending any QT with the treadmill. I’ve done pool laps a few nights. My regular training has been going great, I’ve even taken to catching medicine balls with my throat. I’m getting a lot stronger. I can handle a lot more punishment.

Mixing it up, I changed today from a “rest day” to YOGA DAY. I met a friend last week who wanted to check out the Chopra Center at the La Costa Resort, which is literally, right around the corner from my house. Another friend wanted to go, and had never been to a yoga class ever. We jumped in.

The class was amazing. The instructor did a lot of talking through the poses and reminding us about our form so we could correct ourselves. It reminded me a great deal of the Yoga Center in Portland, Maine, where I started practicing a long time ago. The poses were tough, were not held ridiculous long, and had very sane flow. Lots of mind/body connecting going on. It was just fabulous. I left feeling refreshed and strong.

I always forget that yoga makes me feel like a billion bucks. I struggle with my relationship with my body on a daily basis. Yoga gives me a conduit to talk to my body unlike any other medium. It’s not about what I can do, it’s more about who I am. I need that. I need to keep yoga in my life. It may not get me through my marathon directly, but it is the missing piece in my life. I never know I have missed it until I find it again.

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