Swimming is love

Of all the wonderful events of 2012, one of the best has been finding my love of the water again. Our complex has a nice community pool and we started to take advantage of it in June. Once I got some swim suits that fit me, I’ve been chlorine laden and never looked back. My husband probably loves the hot tub more, but I love the pool. I love laps, I love floating around watching the stars. I even love skimming the bugs out.

Today was another scorcher in SoCal. (See! You can take the girl out of Maine, but she still has a wicked vocabulary!) A few friends and I decided to beat the heat in the pool. We bobbed around chatting for awhile, but after a sunning break, I did a few straight up free style, but I had some trouble with my breath out for some reason today. It took a lot of force to get it going. So, I ended up doing laps with the swim board. Nice and slow. I practiced my kick, my torso placement, alternated hands one of the board, one on the stroke, but I kept my face out of the water. It wasn’t ideal, but it gave me a lot of staying power. I ended up doing this for an hour. I felt accomplished but not body tired. I got a nice bit of golden brown on my skin that will have to last through the winter. (I don’t try to tan, it just happens and I absolutely will not go in a tanning bed/booth.) More importantly, my face freckles are out looking like mud spatter, just the way I like them – no joke.

Several hours later, my hamstrings have started to yell at me. I guess an hour of swim laps was a little much on the day before my training date. I’ll get my ass kicked one way or another tomorrow. I’ll hurt before or after, but probably both. And I love it.

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