Getting REAL

I stepped on the scale today. I’m not someone who weighs myself all that regularly. I don’t let that number hold power over me. It’s just one of many metrics I can use to calculate how my health is getting better. But, pleasantly, I’m down 3 lb.

Not so coincidentally, my husband has been insisting we improve our dinners this week. He’s a Type 2 Diabetic, managing very well with diet, exercise and a little medication. So dinners were healthy and relatively low carb. (And a little boring.) On my own I’ve been managing to eat breakfast. That’s huge for me. Also, get some snacks in. I know that I need to eat more often, but I get so easily distracted. But it’s a missing piece of the puzzle.

It’s 30 days until my next 5K race! And I totally haven’t been run/walk training. But, it’s 30 days until my next 5K race! If you want to see my participant website, go here. You can even donate! The San Diego Komen Race for the Cure is kind of my barometer. This is my third one and I use it to gauge how I’m doing.

My team in last year’s Komen 5K.

I decided to try and calculate my goal time for completion and pace and DAYUM. I got to hustle! So, as fun as my yoga and other fitness excursions are, I’ve been neglecting time on the treadmill. I have 30 days to get this one nailed. And don’t think I won’t.


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