Obstacles are meant to be jumped over or dodged.

There is always something out there that can keep me separated from my workouts everyday.  Especially now that I’m seeing so much progress, I’m doing my very best to keep on track.  Sometimes things happen that can’t be denied.  Such as, a wicked cold.

(I’m from New England, so yes, wicked is the word I want.)

Last week I started to get that tickle in the back of my throat that tells me I could be getting sick.  I started taking Zicam and went straight to bed.  My preventative efforts didn’t work as well as I hoped, I ended up getting a full blow cold in a few days.  When this week started, I really wanted to get back to the gym but I still wasn’t feeling great.  I got good advice from my friend Mike, “If you can’t breathe out of your nose, it’s a rest day.”  By Tuesday I was 80% better.  I could almost breathe out of my nose.  Unfortunately my trainer took a look at me, heard me talk and insisted on rescheduling.

I ended up rescheduling for Friday and it was a great, killer workout.  Lots of leg work, some of it very non-traditional.  My trainer likes to use equipment in ways other than the nice little pictures say on the side.  As always I left the gym feeling 10 ft tall and bullet proof.

I think I’ve passed the invisible barrier that separates the period where you are very vulnerable to get off track, to where only something BIG will keep you from workouts.  Even though I gave myself the chance to rest, I knew it wouldn’t end up being a many month absence.  I knew I’d get back to it as soon as I could.  That’s exactly what happened.

That makes me feel so much better because I’m always worried that I’ll get off track and sabotage my efforts.  I think I just have to have confidence in myself.

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