Seeing the World Through New Eyes


My LASIK surgery was last Friday and everything is going well so far.  In general it was ridiculously easy.  I was not nearly tranquilized to the point I thought I would be when we started the procedure.  But, I was okay.  The surgery didn’t hurt, a few times it felt weird and some of the optical effects I saw were REALLY weird.  It was really incredible that as soon as the correction was made, even the tracking lights on the machine snapped in to focus.

This little capillary break is the only thing visible from the surgery. It feels fine.

This little capillary break is the only thing visible from the surgery. It feels fine.

Recovery was a little rough.  The numbing drops wore off before the pain killer kicked in.  I had a long time where I just lay in bed and willed myself to fall asleep but I couldn’t because of the pain.  The Vicodin really didn’t kill the pain, it just made me feel weird.  I didn’t like it, but I took them anyway.  For about 4 hours I couldn’t open my eyes, but had to use the bathroom like every hour, which made my husband being home the best thing ever.  Thanks, P.  Seriously!

Then, around 6 PM I woke up and I could see.  The next morning I was 20/15 at my follow up.  I have no idea how long it’s been since I could see that well without glasses or contacts, at least since I was 12.

Post-op my distance vision is beyond sharp.  Closer up I have a harder time focusing, but that should get better.  I have night time halos but they aren’t as bad as I feared, and they’ll also get better.  I haven’t had a big problem with dry eye and I’m getting awesome about putting in eye drops.

I’m missing workouts, even with the annoyance of my glasses and I can’t wait to get going again.  And I’m very excited about swimming with my new eyes!  It’s going to make further triathlon training so much better.

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