Big Changes in Little San Diego

I’ve been quiet lately. Too quiet. I’ve had stuff going on, like getting really, really ill with what I am guessing was Influenza B. My foot problems have not entirely been solved. I ended up getting new sneakers, my podiatrist hated them, I got other sneakers, I got my orthotic insoles in. My feet REALLY hate them. I’m back in my old shoes, old orthotics for normal workouts. So figuring all these things out has taken up my valuable blogging time.

It was dark, it was cold, we lost an hour of sleep, but we came out for the San Diego 5k and did really well.

It was dark, it was cold, we lost an hour of sleep, but we came out for the San Diego 5k and did really well.

But probably the biggest news I can share now is that my husband has left his job. The rub is, he took a new one that is in the Bay Area. We’ve had a lot to figure out on this front, and probably still will be figuring it out for awhile. Basically, I’m staying here in San Diego and my husband will be commuting up for the workweek and back home on weekends. We’re planning on getting a studio or loft near his new office.

Here’s where this piece of personal drama relates to this blog. My husband and I have been each other’s partners in crime throughout this whole fitness and health revolution in our house. We are in it together, even though we have different reasons for going down the path, and different goals and activities. We keep each other motivated, honest, and on track. Now, our “flow” is going to be changed. I can’t lie, a part of this terrifies me. I wonder if we have the moxie to be able to make some new routines on our own during the week. Granted, it’s not like he isn’t a phone call, IM, email, or FaceTime session away during the week, but there’s something that is special about having someone standing over you on the couch telling you to get up, get your shoes on and get out of the house.

I worry about myself, and I worry about him. He needs structure and I hope he can find it without me Monday through Friday.

But, I do see an opportunity here as well. I’ll be alone during the week, which means I only have myself to think about when it comes to meal planning. That may actually be a good thing. I don’t have to wait for him to get home from work to have dinner together. I don’t have to keep in account the list of vegetables he doesn’t like. And I only have to worry about what I’m in the mood for instead of trying to find a good compromise. I think being on my own during the work week, I’ll be able to do meal planning and cooking for myself a little better.

Besides, whenever there is a big change in life, it gives you a window to make some other sweeping changes at the same time. It’s kind of like punctuated equilibrium in that regard. While things are in flux, might as well use it to add in some beneficial changes that stubbornly don’t like to meld with the former status quo. If that makes any sense.

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