Throwing stuff on the wall

I’m a scientist by training and mindset. I like to do one thing at a time and evaluate the result. But I’m throwing out scientific methodology and I’m going to do everything like it was the last time I could.

My Whole30 was the first time I have had a significant weight loss since we lived it Atlanta. Sure it disrupted the hell out of my life for 30 days, but 14 lb is NOTHING to sneeze at.

In my time off Whole30 I’ve definitely struggled to find my groove. I have stepped up my workouts to include more slower pace, higher mileage days. I’m still circuit training, but my diet has been another story.

I didn’t bother with a nice reintroduction period after Day 31. I just jumped back in to what I would have eaten before. (I did wait until AFTER my 5K race to break my paleofast.) While the things I eat normally aren’t terrible, I do over indulge. My efforts to get back on track haven’t really taken hold.

So I’m throwing things at the wall, so to speak, to see what sticks.

1. I’m getting B vitamin shots. I’ve started seeing a naturopathic doctor here in SoCal. How very SoCal of me, right? I’m getting Skinny Shots at Bloom health, which include B-6, B-12, methionine, choline, and inisitol. The idea is improved liver function supported by these vitamins will help fat metabolism, etc. I’m trying this because I know I’m really vitamin deficient and I more than suspect it is because my digestive tract isn’t working properly. So supplements do not help me much and the diet changes are slow going.

2. I’m also working with my new doctor to fix my digestive system. Right now I’m doing a bunch of testing and eventually I’m going to do a detox with her. It will be 30 days of eating like Whole30, with additional restrictions and a mandatory shake/supplement schedule. I’m really ready to try whatever I have to do get this under control.

3. My circuit training class has been completely changed. Instead of basically going to a class with my trainer where I am the only student, I have been promoted to another circuit training class with about 10 other women run by a kick ass lady trainer. Today was my first workout with them. Holy stairs, Batman! 24 flights! Lots of other hellish exercises, but I really hate stairs. Outside, in the sun, after the marine layer burned off. I’m hoping that the change up helps kick me in to gear.

**I’m totally going to miss my trainer and when I found out my class was suspended, I was super sad. I’ve been working with him for over a year and half. He knows me, how I work, what I’m good at, what I can do, what I don’t think I can do, but I can. He can look at me and tell I need a juice box.

4. I’m doing a 6 week Beachbody challenge. I’m using the Turbo Fire cardio system and Shakeology. I have a great coach and a Facebook support group. I think I need the structure and the accountability. I also need to be immersed in “my tribe” to see this through. Turbo Fire is freaking hard! I’m really not the most coordinated person so the choreography is a challenge, even when it’s just basic.

5. I’m sure I’ll think of something crazy to throw in to the mix!

This is how I looked after my circuit training.

This is how I looked after my circuit training.

Fitbit love!

I’ve had my Fitbit since March 2012. I’ve almost killed it 3 times. It went for a ride in the washing machine twice, and once it got soaked (along with the rest of me) on a ride at Disneyland. Each time it lived for a couple days in a Ziploc bag of rice before coming back from the dead.

It’s been a good friend to me. I even wore it when going through the mm wave scanner at the airport and had to tell the TSA that it wasn’t a weapon, it was just my little Fitbit.

Fitbit Ultra

Fitbit Ultra

Kenlie’s step challenge has made me focus more on getting my own steps in. So once again, I’ve been wearing my Fitbit very dutifully. Then last week something strange started to happen. When I would have an exceptionally hard workout the display wouldn’t work. If I came home and put it back on its USB charger, it would come back to life but sometimes would forget part of my workout. Once this happened 3 times, I emailed the company.

Fitbit has a stellar customer service reputation and it’s well deserved. After a few emails exchanges it was clear my little Fitbit was at the end of its life. The Ultra isn’t a model being made anymore and because of that, they could not offer me a replacement. However, they did offer me 50% off the Fitbit One, which is the model that replaced the Ultra. I was toying with the idea of upgrading to the One of the Fitbit Flex anyway because they are more water resistant than the Ultra. So maybe I can retire this little bag of rice that I wrote “Fitbit Rescue Bag” on.

I love the little messages my Fitbit tells me when I pick it up. I actually DO find it really motivating. I also like that the Fitbit dashboard application shows how your steps are matching up to your friends. I’m really glad that I’m getting a Fitbit One instead of a Flex because I really like that it counts how many floors I’ve climbed each day.

Until I get the new one in the mail or this one stops working entirely, I’m going to keep wearing it. I’m kind of attached.

Drinking my morning smoothie, wearing my Fitbit and getting ready to work out.

Drinking my morning smoothie, wearing my Fitbit and getting ready to work out.

Friend Makin’ Mondays: Questions and Answers

I had another fun-filled weekend with my spouse. For once we didn’t have a crazy schedule, so it was nice to relax together. Only being with him on the weekend is tough. I think it’s harder now than it was when we started this. We aren’t ready to make any changes to our status. He loves his job, I still don’t want to move, we still have our condo to consider. But I have a feeling there’s a reckoning on the horizon.


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Questions and Answers:

1. What is a typical weekday like for you? I’m solo during the week and my schedule is pretty variable. I get up and do some computer work, have breakfast, go to my Circuit Training class 2 days a week. Recover, have lunch, more work on the computer. Dinner, clean-up around the house. Pretty boring.

2. Name one song that never fails to make you happy and one song that you always listen to when you’re sad. “What is Love?” by Haddaway is my joy song. Yes, I do the head bop thing. When I’m sad, I usually go to something by Dido like “White Flag”.

3. Did you watch the VMA’s last night? No. I checked out the running commentary online when it was playing on the East Coast. I did check out a couple of videos of performances after the fact. Destiny Hope was a train wreck. I can’t believe her mom was applauding and standing up. Mine would have hit me into next week.

4. Share at least two (skills) that you possess. (I think this what you meant, Kenlie.) I’m great at picking out discrepancies in things. My memory is excellent. It’s a little annoying. I’m also really good at shooting a basketball with my back to the basket. One of those weird things!

5. Share one thing that you wish you had the confidence to do. I know this is kind of a stretch, but I wish I had the confidence in myself to make a decision about my career, see it through and stick with it.

6. Tell us about one insecurity that people might be surprised that you have. I grew up in a trailer. It was a nice trailer, and my parents bought it new when I was 2 years old, but I’ve always been embarrassed at the connotation of a trailer. My husband likes to tell friends about how my parents have a trailer for a house and a massive garage because he thinks it’s an amusing oxymoron. Family’s home could fit 7 times over in garage. But, it really makes me sad.

7. If you could be the CEO of any company, which one would you choose to lead? I LOVE 23andMe. Genetics are a passion of mine and I think personal genetics and personalized medicine will be the future. I’d work for them in any capacity in a heart beat.

A little snippet of my 23andMe account.

A little snippet of my 23andMe account.

8. List at least three hobbies that make you happy. Happy hobbies include: gardening in my small patio, giving hair/makeup/clothing makeovers, and getting lost on purpose to figure out a new town.

9. Is there someone in your life that you wish you could say “I love you” to? Not really. I tell people I love them often. Obviously my husband and my parents, but I make sure my friends know, too.

10. Share one cool thing that happened over the weekend. My husband, my friend from home, and I all went to the gym at the same time. We had 3 treadmills. It was the single-most concentrated Maine population gets in Southern California. It was fun. I got in over an hour and decent mileage. Made me a happy girl.

Friend Makin’ Mondays: School Days

I missed last week! It was a good one, too. Oh well, I’ll just have to be more on the ball with these. Things have been okay here in my side of the world. I got some good workouts in, made some good plans. I’m getting B vitamin shots and I’ve been having some serious tiredness the next day – so I’m investigating that. This week I have an appointment to see a Naturopath doctor. I’m just not happy with where I’m at with the conclusions my doctors have come to with some of my issues. There’s nothing SERIOUSLY wrong, but I just want to make sure I know all my options.


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School Days

1. What was your favorite subject in school? Science, followed closely, and sometimes eclipsed by, English. Odd pairing, but those have always been where my strengths and interest were. I was the first student in my HS to take EVERY single science subject offered. Senior year, that was 3 course, one being AP.

2. Did you attend elementary school and high school in the same town? No. I’m from a ridiculously small town. We aren’t even properly listed on Google maps. There is no street light in my town! We have a school for K-8, and that’s where I went. We obviously are too small for a high school so my town paid for the students to go to any area high school, but bused to 4. I ended up going to the large public high school nearby because of their science program. Unfortunately, most of my friends went to different high schools.

3. Are you still friends with anyone that you met during school? Yeah, Facebook certainly helps us keep in touch and I try and see people when I go home. I met my friend Michele sophomore year and we’ve been friends ever since. She moved out here to San Diego last year and it is really nice having a friend I’ve known for that long around. We still drive around listening to 90’s music like we did when we were teenagers.

4. What activities were you involved in as a student? In junior high I played basketball, but switched to tennis when I got to high school. I also was involved in Science Olympiad and Environthon. Hold on to your hats, because this crazy liberal was also a charter member of my HS Teenage Republicans club. I also wrote for the school newspaper.

5. Did you bring your lunch, or did you get it at school? For the most part, I brought my lunch. Once in awhile I’d get “hot lunch” at school, but it was never very good.

6. Did you enjoy shopping for clothing and school supplies? School supplies. In 6th grade I had a really crazy binder and all my notebook paper was blue and pink. Clothing shopping with my mom was traumatic. Nothing like having your mom yell across the store “Look, they have this in size EDIT!” Plus, we had such different styles.

7. Name a song or a band that reminds you of high school. Nirvana always takes me back. Kurt Cobain died my senior year.

8. Did you like school? Sometimes. I liked learning, I didn’t like the socialization until I got to college. I’ve always been good at school, but I had trouble relating to other kids. That’s a blog post in and of itself. I’m an only child, from a small town where everyone knew each other, then I went to a huge high school and was the new kid who broke the grade curve. It was rough.

9. How long have you been out of school? I think it’s been 9 years since I dropped out of graduate school. I was all-but-thesis in my MS for Applied Immunology and Molecular Biology degree. I took a year off to work in industry and figure out how I was going to write my thesis with my research work that I had been doing at a previous job. It was a mess, and then I moved to Atlanta with my boyfriend (who became my husband) when he got a new job opportunity. Never went back. Sometimes I wish I had, but it was a difficult situation, even if I had stayed.

10. What did you like most about school? What did you dislike most about school? I liked the routine. I liked my teachers. I liked feeling that I was good at things. I disliked gym class and mean kids. I also disliked riding the bus. I walked to school for 9 years, for high school we had to ride a bus. Ick.

This is me, the 6th grade un-power forward.  I loved those shoes, too.

This is me, the 6th grade un-power forward. I loved those shoes, too.

Friend Makin’ Mondays: My Community

I’m dealing with some major exhaustion today! I’m considering getting another B-6/B-12 injection this week to see if it perks me up. What do you think about vitamin injections? I’m pretty much at the point right now where I’ll try anything!

Here we go.


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My Community

1. Where were you born? Did you grow up there? I was born in Bangor, Maine. I grew up in a very small town called Glenburn right outside of Bangor. When I say small, I mean it. We don’t have a stoplight. There is no proper name for my town on Google Maps. I went to high school in Bangor, so I always identify with the city more anyway.

2. Tell us about your favorite spot in your city. I live in San Diego now. It’s as fabulous as you’ve heard. I think my favorite spot is San Elijo State Beach. It was the first beach we went to play at. We live near there now and go there to run and walk. We go there to splash around and connect with the water. It also has KILLER stairs to get up and down.

Up and down the stairs gets tiring!

Up and down the stairs gets tiring!

3. Do you volunteer for any organizations? If so, will you tell us about it? I’m a very proud Alpha Phi, which is a international women’s fraternity. Yes, I’m a sorority girl. I’m the President of the alumnae group here and have been active for 4 years. I’ve also been a part of the San Diego Alumnae Panhellenic, which is a group made up of women from a bunch of different sororities. SDAP gives away merit scholarships to young women in the area and it’s a great way to give back, show the public what being in a sorority is all about.

Alpha Phis and friends at the SD Padres!

Alpha Phis and friends at the SD Padres!

4. Tell us about your favorite local restaurant. I love Rosanna’s Pasta Shop. I only allow myself to go there once a week, otherwise I’d eat every lunch there, get sick of it, or send myself in to a binge-a-thon. It’s a charming family-run restaurant owned by an Italian-American family who hails from Venice. They make the best sandwiches outside of Maine. Their homemade pasta is amazing – to eat there or to take home and cook yourself.

5. Has your city ever experienced tragedy? If so, how did it recover? San Diego has wild fires every few years. I haven’t seen one yet, and I’m thankful. There’s no getting away from the fire, you just have to get safe and rebuild.

6. Share at least one unique thing about your neighborhood. My little corner of the neighborhood used to be mobster territory! All the homes around my complex look kind of imposing, well, there’s a good reason for those big thick walls. In the 70’s this is where mobsters went to their vacation homes.

This is my condo complex.  With tennis courts on top of the parking garage!

This is my condo complex. With tennis courts on top of the parking garage!

7. If you could do one small thing to change your community, what would you do? I’d like to see more EV stations so that people with electric cars could better utilize them. There’s definitely a growing trend around here for electric cars!

8. The Powerball is currently up to 400 million dollars. Would you move to a different place if you won? No. I pretty much live in paradise. I’m lucky to live here. BEYOND lucky. Powerball would let me visit other places, but San Diego is where it’s at.

What’s Next?

That’s exactly what I’m trying to figure out. My Whole30 was so eye opening. It was successful. I made in 30 days staying as on plan. Whole30 is really, really strict – even for Paleo. I gave up chocolate for 30 days – that right there is a big deal. I lost 14 pounds. Even though in the midst of it all I didn’t feel like my GI symptoms improved – as soon as I had my first non-Paleo meal, I felt the difference. And, oddly, my lactose intolerance has been minimal since I finished the cleanse. That’s crazy.

I’m still doing my circuit training classes twice a week. Pretty soon it should be more than me and the trainer du jour. My main trainer – who is also the club’s fitness director, is going to really start pushing the classes and having some cool things going on. He wants to do one class a week out on the beach volleyball court. Circuit in the sand! So, it won’t be (basically) personal training twice a week anymore. But being with others will probably be really good for me. I’m pretty competitive, so this might really kick my butt.

I’ve started wearing my Fitbit again. I have yet to make it to 10,000 steps in a day but I’m easily getting in my 10 flights of stairs. I think that I just have to make a bit more effort with the walks. Fitbit is a really great way to see how you are doing. I’m a data person, so being able to look at a chart at the end of the day that says how I’ve been doing, it’s powerful.

Planning is something I pretty much suck at when it comes to meals. I don’t keep lists for shopping, I really go off my whims easily. I picked up a meal planning pad at Marshall’s the other day. I’m going to see if I can make it work.

Picked this up for $2.99 in orange.  It's on Amazon for $8.99! It's simple, but I think it could work for me.

Picked this up for $2.99 in orange. It’s on Amazon for $8.99! It’s simple, but I think it could work for me.

For awhile now I’ve been thinking about Shakeology. I follow a Beachbody coach named Jamie DeLorme on Facebook and she offered some free sample to try. It’s not bad, and I like how it’s pretty packed with nutrients. I think I’m going to give it a try, along with a 60 day challenge. One reason Weight Watchers worked for me in the past is the accountability – the support. So I think that this will fill that role for me. Especially now that my husband and I spend 5 days a week apart (and he’s totally on another fitness level as me, anyway!) and I really don’t have close friends around me that are in my same situation. It will be good to connect with others in my tribe.

We're doing fine with the distance, but that doesn't mean we don't have bad days, or bad weeks.

We’re doing fine with the distance, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have bad days, or bad weeks.

I’ve also decided to embrace obsession. I obviously want to keep a balance in all things, but I can’t deny that I could use some single-minded focus right now.