Fitbit love!

I’ve had my Fitbit since March 2012. I’ve almost killed it 3 times. It went for a ride in the washing machine twice, and once it got soaked (along with the rest of me) on a ride at Disneyland. Each time it lived for a couple days in a Ziploc bag of rice before coming back from the dead.

It’s been a good friend to me. I even wore it when going through the mm wave scanner at the airport and had to tell the TSA that it wasn’t a weapon, it was just my little Fitbit.

Fitbit Ultra

Fitbit Ultra

Kenlie’s step challenge has made me focus more on getting my own steps in. So once again, I’ve been wearing my Fitbit very dutifully. Then last week something strange started to happen. When I would have an exceptionally hard workout the display wouldn’t work. If I came home and put it back on its USB charger, it would come back to life but sometimes would forget part of my workout. Once this happened 3 times, I emailed the company.

Fitbit has a stellar customer service reputation and it’s well deserved. After a few emails exchanges it was clear my little Fitbit was at the end of its life. The Ultra isn’t a model being made anymore and because of that, they could not offer me a replacement. However, they did offer me 50% off the Fitbit One, which is the model that replaced the Ultra. I was toying with the idea of upgrading to the One of the Fitbit Flex anyway because they are more water resistant than the Ultra. So maybe I can retire this little bag of rice that I wrote “Fitbit Rescue Bag” on.

I love the little messages my Fitbit tells me when I pick it up. I actually DO find it really motivating. I also like that the Fitbit dashboard application shows how your steps are matching up to your friends. I’m really glad that I’m getting a Fitbit One instead of a Flex because I really like that it counts how many floors I’ve climbed each day.

Until I get the new one in the mail or this one stops working entirely, I’m going to keep wearing it. I’m kind of attached.

Drinking my morning smoothie, wearing my Fitbit and getting ready to work out.

Drinking my morning smoothie, wearing my Fitbit and getting ready to work out.

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