Serious Improvements

I’m fortunate.  Right now I’m not in a plateau, I’m in a losing streak.  Things are GOOD.  They won’t always be this fluid, this easy, so I’m grateful for this time.

I wish I could keep my eyes open for some photos sometime.  Geesh.

I wish I could keep my eyes open for some photos sometime. Geesh.

Losing my trainers was a serious blow.  Obviously they’ve been such a big part of my fitness progression that I’m not going to let them go.  I plan to follow them to their next gigs.  But I’m still hanging in there with TRX.  I’m trying to get back on board with Turbo Fire.  I’ve been doing a lot of functional fitness with moving our stuff out of our NorCal apartment and muscling our stuff around our current house.  I’ve been drinking Shakeology EVERY day.  Being in Beachbody Coach training has really kept me accountable with workouts and Shakeology.  It’s been fabulous.

Wins.  I’m in a smaller size of jeans.  My 2 year old holiday dress is too big.  I really need it altered, it’s strapless and there’s very little holding it up.  My 3 year old business dress is a freakin’ tent on me.  I’ve started going through my closet and there’s a lot to go.  This loss has really snuck up on me.  That’s fine!  I’ll take it!

I’ve struggled with a cold that will not completely leave.  I’m better but my coughing is still there, my throat is still raw and my nose keeps running.  I’ve had the old “I’m sick, let’s eat” appetite, so to be logging in loss and seeing results is SO HUGE.

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