Remember when…

Remember when you saw that photo?  The one you wanted to burn?  You thought you looked just terrible.  And then a few years later you saw it and thought, “Wow, that wasn’t so bad, I actually looked pretty cute.  And I looked like I was having fun.”

Don’t you wish you could go back and tell that version of yourself to smile at the photo and be glad she was there, in that moment?  Instead of picking out the flaws, look at where she was, who she was with, and hold on because she may never be in that place with those people again.

Christmas Day 2013

Christmas Day 2013

As 2013 winds down, I just find myself being very grateful.  This year has not been a series of wins.  I’ve had some health concerns, some financial set backs, my relationship has been tested, some friendships torched, and I’ve lost some dear friends to death.  I’ve done stupid things.  I’ve said unkind words.

Despite it all, I’m still grateful.  I made it through the other side.  I’ve continued to remain positive as much as possible and make choices that are right for me.  I’ve made course corrections.  I’ve become a friend to myself, finally.  I’ve been present much more than ever.  I’ve been kinder, the crap language that was my inner monologue to myself is more of a whisper lately.  I’ve learned from mistakes, I’ve apologized and for the first time I’ve really been successful at moving beyond.

If you’re reading this, I just want to say thank you!  Blogging has been some therapeutic for me this  year and if you’ve read anything here, I hope that something I’ve said has stuck with you! I’ve gotten a lot of good from reading other people’s thoughts and taking away from their lessons.

Looking forward to a wonderful 2014.


Friend Makin’ Mondays: Unforgettable Moments

Yeah, it’s not Monday, but I’m going to post anyway.  I really, really like taking part in FMM, but sometimes I can’t get it done in time. 😦


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 Unforgettable Moments

1. Share the details of your first kiss. Really embarrassing!  I was in college, he was my friend, we were probably more than a little drunk.  It happened so fast I don’t even remember.  Nothing even slightly romantic or anything!  Which, of course, is disappointing when you are in college and had never been kissed.

2. Did you put your foot in your mouth in 2013? If so, tell us about it. I try and be careful what I say.  It probably wasn’t a great idea that when my husband’s co-workers in Palo Alto asked me when I was moving up there from San Diego I said “Never!”

3. Share the story of one of your most embarrassing moments. There are so many.  I’ll tell you the first I remember.  I was pretty little and just joined the Sunday School at a church.  I hadn’t been there for more than a couple of weeks when I got cast to be a camel in the Christmas pageant.  I studied my lines and was all set, until showtime.  I got up to say my bit, froze, started crying, and ran down in to the audience to my mom.

4. Tell us what it was like when you traveled outside of your home state or country for the first time. I went to Italy and Greece when I was 15 years old.  I actually turned 16 on a ferry to Greece.  It was overwhelming.  I was not with my parents, I was with a group of teachers and students from my high school.  I was pretty on edge and I thought the bathrooms were SUPER weird.  But after a couple days I really started to appreciate the differences and I would totally do it the same way again.

5. Share something that forced you outside of your comfort zone in 2013.  I started training with other trainers in 2013.  I’ve been working with my main trainer since the beginning of 2012 and he was trying to start a group circuit training class with some of the other trainers.  So I got to get to work with them, and of course, they had me do some different things.  I graduated to working with a group of women who were all really fit.  It was intimidating, but I held my own pretty well.

6. Tell us about a gift that you received that meant a lot to you. My husband bought me the band that matches my engagement ring this year for Valentine’s Day.  When we got married we really couldn’t afford it, so we bought a smaller, less expensive wedding band.  Now I wear all 3 together.

7. Share the details of the best date that you’ve been on in the last year. Every date with my husband is fantastic.  We went to the Zoo at the end of the summer for an evening.  They aren’t usually open at night, but they were for awhile and we got to see the koalas when they were more active.  I even was brave and rode the gondola across the park and back.

8.  Describe one beautiful moment that was not captured by a photo.  Getting in to Maine late at night and finding my friend who was picking me up the airport was great.  I miss her and seeing her was just awesome.

9.  Share one important thing that you hope to accomplish before the end of the year. I hope I actually get my business license for my pet sitting business set up.

10.  Tell us about one defining moment of 2013. When someone asked when I was due and I looked her straight in the eye and told her I was not pregnant.  In fact, I was just fat.  But I was working on it.  And I didn’t cry about it.

If I Ruled the Gym

I’m mad at my gym right now.  Two of my trainers have lost their jobs.  My favorite membership person has moved on and 2 other trainers I liked a lot moved on to different things.  I don’t like change.  In fact, I get damn pissy about it.  The thing with my two trainers recently is really making me rethink my membership.  I don’t want to be one of those people who pay for a membership they don’t use.  I don’t want to be one of those people who goes upstairs and leisurely walks for 10 minutes.  When I go, I go balls out.

If I ruled the gym, I’d obviously have my favorite people working there.  I’d be a stickler for rules.

1. No cell phone.  Seriously.  Take your call outside.  No calls on the treadmill!  No being on your phone while walking around and keeping others away from a weight lifting station.  That’s rude.

2. No large bags.  We have lockers for a reason, folks!  Stash your stuff there.  Your coat, your purse, your clothes.  When you bring it around to each spot you work out with it gets in the way, and probably gets gross.

3. Be nice to everyone.  Don’t suggest a girl lift the pink dumbbells because she’s female. Don’t stare at someone for trying to do their workout.  Give them space, give them respect.

4. If you lock your arms and shoulders on the step machine, we’re going to have words.  It’s no good for you, and it’s a terrible example to others.

5. That’s great your kid is interested in fitness, but this is a gym, not a playground.  Kids should have the opportunity to do fun athletic things, but some kids are too young to be in the gym.  Others are being tortured by their parents because they are so damn embarrassing.  Some kids get used as bait to pick up people in the gym.  Seriously, I’ve seen this.

6. Don’t talk to strangers stark naked.  It’s weird.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the human body, but being in your birthday suit is not how I want to be introduced to friends.

7. Wipe down your equipment!  At my theoretical gym there would be no shortage of towels, paper towels, spray cleaner, and wipes.

8. Use the damn key bowl.  You spread your keys out all over the counter, you’re just making it easier for someone to take your keys and your ride.

9. If you’re taking up room in the stretching area, you’d better be stretching your body and not just your jaws.  This is not everyone’s social hour.

10. Pick up after your damn self!  You are a grown up.  You took something, you put it back.  That Swiss ball is big and it has a spot.  Find it, ask about it, and stow it.

I love a clean gym floor.

I love a clean gym floor.