My Finest 5K.

I have to tell you all, the race yesterday was miserable and fabulous at the same time. Waking up earlier than a normal early race day was just as hard this year as last year. At least it wasn’t cold! I spent much of the drive muttering that I couldn’t believe I was doing this again. My friend that rallied us all to sign up wasn’t even going!

Once we got there, it wasn’t as cold or as dark as the year before and we knew what to expect so I wasn’t as nervous. I bounced around in my wave group. I started with a good run pace from the get go. I fell back to a cross country ski style walk just like my trainer had told me to do once it got hard and uphill. I picked up my knees.

When the downhill portions came, I picked up the pace and ran. I ran more than I ever have in my entire life! I picked a landmark to run to, and then found I could keep going past even though I didn’t think I could. I kept my trainer’s voice in my brain – keep your head up, move those arms. My own inner voice screamed – don’t land on your heels!

And I passed people. A lot of people. Some people leap frogged with me, but everyone I decided to beat – I beat.

My husband was at the finish, already done and surprised I was so early. I knew it was a good finish. I knew I had beat my best. That nice little endorphin high kicked in and I bounced around some more and tried to stretch out anything I needed to.

Even though it was early and dark to start, it was the best race I’ve had yet and I’m proudly looking at that medal right now.

Happy FInishers!

Happy FInishers!