A little about me…

I’m now 37 years old and still on my self-improvement mission. My ultimate goal is to finish a sprint triathlon, but I don’t know is 2013 will be the year.

I did not mean for this blog to be about weight loss when I started. That was a personal goal of mine that went right along with the getting more fit and pushing my athletic limits. But I have found that it has been intrinsically tied to my mission and to fight against it would be a waste of time. So, my blog will talk about my activities in the gym, on the road, on the trails, in the pool, in the kitchen and in the back of my mind. I’ll be adding more posts about my “fitness past” because I find that writing and sharing really help my clarify where I’ve lost my way before.

I remain very positive about myself. I’m lucky to have a fantastic life and live in the most beautiful place I could imagine. Just because I’m happy with myself today doesn’t mean I’m still not looking to improve and be even better tomorrow.


I’m a 36 year old female living in sunny Southern California!  I’m on a mission to improve my health, be more active, and finish a sprint triathlon in 2013.

I’m originally from New England and grew up in a small town.  The first sport I ever really took to was tennis in high school.  I wasn’t half bad, actually!  I got serious about the gym after college.  Then, life happened.  Setbacks don’t define me.  I’m looking forward to becoming the person I want to be.  Maybe I’ll never be an athlete, but I want to see what I can do.

I’m also looking for ways to add more protein to my diet.  It’s a little tough for me since I’m lactose intolerant and am not the biggest fan of eating meat at every meal.  I hope scientists come up with a high protein pasta someday.

Me as a spectator for the Rock N Roll Marathon.

One thought on “A little about me…

  1. This year I completed two spring triathlons….on my own at the gym…so not events so I don’t have bling to show for it….but I did it….and it is giving me confidence to try one as an event soon! Can’t wait to hear more about your progress towards your goal.

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