Maybe I Don’t Hate Bicycles

The whole triathlon thing?  Yeah, it’s still my BIG goal.  I can swim very well.  I haven’t mastered open water swimming in the surf, but I’m a strong swimmer and I know it’s very much something I’ll be able to do.  I’m not the best runner, but I can do it.  I can do the distance.  Well, I can do 6 miles.  Let’s work on the rest.

I can ride a bike.  I mastered that at age 5.  Biking as an adult, knowing the danger, I don’t know, I think I’m a little afraid.  So I haven’t been doing much biking.  I make excuses.  I do other stuff.  I really hate shifting.  It feels weird, it sounds weird.  Cars are scary.

I did some indoor biking this year with my trainer.  I just mashed the pedals.  I put the resistance on, I suffered through the butt pain and I pushed.  I went for time, I went for cadence, I went for calorie burn.  I stood up when I couldn’t stand the butt pain anymore.  I hated every single moment of it.

So I wasn’t too excited about Spin class when my friend wanted to go.  But, I’m a good friend and I went.  When the instructor helped me adjust the bike settings, I knew it was going to be better than I thought.  All my joints lined up.  As soon as class started I knew things would be different.

The music was inspiring and the giant tour of San Francisco kept my eyes satisfied.  The class really got my senses excited and also satiated.  The whole class didn’t fly by.  It was hard.  It was work, but I enjoyed it anyway.  And afterward I got the endorphin high.  THE ENDORPHIN HIGH!  I never get it!  It’s fabulous.

My kick ass instructor, Sharon!

My kick ass instructor, Sharon!

I’ve been able to go two other times and it was equally as great.  And so was the endorphins.  I’m planning to go on my last week in Portland. And then I’m planning to go at my gym in San Diego.  It’s a completely different kind of workout.  And I think the switch up is just want I need right now.

Things have been tough in the last couple weeks.  The spin classes have been just what I needed.  Along with yoga and long walks.  I’m in a good place.

So maybe I’m not a biking goddess, but maybe I can do this after all.

Tiny triathlon

This week is going to be super hot, again, here in Southern California.  I don’t know what to say.  Yes, we are whining about something the rest of the world deals with quite well.  But personally, I am not acclimated for this amount of unending heat and humidity.  It’s getting to the point it doesn’t really cool down at night anymore.  Ridiculous.

Oh yeah, and we never fixed our heat and A/C when we bought our place.  So, we have none of those options.

Tomorrow we are going down to the beach for some fun time in the surf!  It’s aqua jogging time!  Practicing transitions!  Dolphin dives.  I don’t think it will really count as “open water” as we are unlikely to get past the breakers, but it’s another step, yeah?

Truly, the only thing I don’t love about this workout is the sand. It really does get everywhere.  And I feel it on my feet and it bugs the crap out of me.

Today we did another tiny triathlon in the comforts of the training facility of the clubhouse.  All air conditioned.  We ran against bungie cords in a harness, “swam” by kicking while on a stability ball, and biked on the Spin Bike.  3 rounds of THAT was fun enough.  I like the tiny triathlon days because it makes me remember my goal.  The goal is kind of ephemeral right now, but I think with every day it’s going to get clearer from here on out.

Laurie Bolt

Umm, Have You Forgotten About Triathlon?

No, actually I HAVEN’T forgotten about my triathlon goals.  I know it seems it, with all this talk to 5K and Beachbody, and Shakeology, and eating Paleo, and all the other seeingly random health-related things I bring up here.  Finishing a triathlon is definitely still my goal.  Maybe my why has changed?  I view triathlon as something REALLY badass.  I think of myself as pretty badass.  Therefore, completing a triathlon would further prove that train of thought.  You really need a great level of fitness and endurance to finish one.  You can’t really just get away with being good at one event and phoning the others in.

I'm still regularly doing TRX and getting fantastic strength and flexibility gains.

I’m still regularly doing TRX and getting fantastic strength and flexibility gains.

I have started running.  Like, actually running, not just walking really fast.  I’m working with a trainer who is really helping me get my form down.  My fitness level and muscle development is good enough that I can venture in to this world and not have to worry about killing my joints now.  Sometimes my lungs keep me back, sometimes it’s my legs.  Strength and cardio endurance.  I’m going to piggy back with these, but I’ll get better at both.

Biking is still eluding me.  I have a bike, but I’m not super comfortable on it.  We’re going to get a trailer hitch on one of our cars so we can use a bike rack to transport our bikes.  As it is now, my bike is big and heavy and getting 2 bikes in our small SUV is kind of difficult.  My husband thinks that cycling will be the best way to improve my cardio output without hurting my body.

Swimming.  I could be swimming in the ocean *right now* but I’m using the excuse that it’s too cold.  Which, really, it is.  But I also have access to a couple of pools.  I need to get my butt back in the water.  It’s always awesome and I always think “Why haven’t I been doing this” when I’m swimming regularly.  I did practice water transitions with my trainer.  Unfortunately it resulted in the loss of my iPhone because, well, I have no excuse other than I didn’t think far enough ahead.

I’m going to find an event within a week and either sign up or set up an alert for it.

I’m back

There has been so much going on that it would be pretty impossible to totally update you!  The road trip was good but I didn’t get nearly enough workouts in.  I paid dearly for it when I got to the gym for my next training session with Neal.  But, I really tried to do my “homework” and I think I bounced back pretty quickly.

I’m messing around with training nutrition.  I have started making my “monster smoothies” again rather than the breakfast sandwiches I had been making before morning sessions with Neal.  I feel great and I’ve had no loss of energy part way through.  Monster smoothies are calorie mongers though – so it’s something I have to be mindful of.

Right before I left for the road trip – I bought a bike!  And I FINALLY got to ride it this weekend!

Maybe I won’t set any speed records with this baby, but it’s a start.

The ride was good – it ended up being around 5 miles. Not bad since I haven’t ridden a bike since I was 13! I did okay on the road with traffic. Luckily we have great bike lanes in SoCal. Sadly, I wasn’t really able to control the bike really well and I took up most of the lane with weaving! And man, does my rear end still hurt!

It has been HOT HOT HOT here. And by that I mean, 80’s. The horror. So I’ve been hitting the pool for my cardio. I’m definitely getting the hang of in pool freestyle. I tried using a nose plug but it didn’t stay well and actually really hurt my nose. So I need to work on training myself to breathe OUT when the face is in the water and not end up inhaling the whole pool.

Heel Trouble

That heel pain is still with me.  Not super terrible, but enough that I’ve had to kind of change my normal gait.  I’ve always been a heel strike, roll on to the balls of my feet kind of walker/runner.  I’ve tried running on the balls of my feet, and that’s okay, but walking without heel strike is just weird.  I feel like I’m walking like a marionette or something.

My circuit training was tough yesterday.  Partway in to my second group of circuits I started to feel really weird.  I wasn’t counting reps correctly (doing too many!) and my vision was weird.  I couldn’t really concentrate straight ahead and my peripheral vision was a little fuzzy.  So I took a beat, got a juice from my trainer.  I really hate not being able to power through.  My nutrition was on target – I had my big breakfast as directed, an hour and a half before the workout.  I primed up with honey right before and I carried a water bottle around.  (I usually take water breaks at the fountain between circuits.)

I took the day off today and the heel is feeling a bit better, but I’m not going to call in tomorrow.  I’ll either use the stationary bike or swim.  Hey, if I’m serious about this triathlon thing (and I am)  I have to start with the whole biking thing and using a stationary bike is just about as good as anything I can do now.

Just to be safe, I am going to check in with my podiatrist.  I wear custom foot orthotics for a plethora of foot trouble.  Maybe it’s time for a new pair, but I just want to make sure I get the sign off to continue to train the way I want to.