10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Work Out at Home.

You can only get a good workout at a gym.

Home is supposed to be relaxing.

Unless you have a team of professionals monitoring you, you’ll never get fit.

Paying a club fee keeps you accountable.

No one ever got a good workout on their own.

You don’t have a DVD player anymore anyway.

There’s no way you can actually stop watching Netflix long enough to throw in a workout.

You have no equipment to do any of those fancy moves.

There’s no way you can sweat without someone yelling at you.

Your pet/spouse/child won’t leave you alone long enough to have time to yourself to work out.

Does any of this sound familiar? It should.  We are continually sabotaging ourselves from any of the healthy choices we need to make by the voices we listen to.  Sometimes they are in our head, from experiences we’ve had.  And sometimes they are from people in our lives.  They can even be from society and culture in general!  It can get pretty overwhelming and I have to admit that I’ve listened to them, too.

I have done lots of things in my fitness life.  I’ve been a member of gyms.  I’ve been gone regularly!  I’ve taken classes in a devotional fashion.  I’ve run on the streets, in traffic, where everyone can see me.  I’ve worked with personal trainers.  I’ve been in small group circuit training classes.  I’ve met up with friends to do fit stuff out in the world.  I’ve even run a fitness class outside of my house!

But I ALSO workout at home.


Getting PUMPED up at home.


I used to think that the act of getting dressed and getting in the car was what I needed to make sure I didn’t drop out of my workout routine.  I admit, I’ve never turned around on my way to a gym. I also get dressed and head downstairs, fire up my Apple TV and drink my pre workout Energize.  That’s my NEW ritual to get going.  I’ve bagged gym workouts when I pushed too hard.  I’ve surrendered during home workouts when I haven’t had it in me.

The thing I had to change was my mindset.  I had to question the truth of all of those 10 statements.  The funny thing is, there’s a little truth in them, but there’s also a whole lot of excuses and fear.

The gym isn’t the answer, running isn’t the answer, and working out along to a program at home isn’t the answer.  You are the answer.  You have to find what’s going to work FOR YOU.  And what that is will change.  You will change.  Tomorrow’s solutions aren’t the same as yesterday’s – otherwise we would just be doing the same thing over and over again  until things were perfect.  Shit happens. Conditions will change.  Your metabolism will change.  What you like will change.  What challenges you, will change.  You may have a physical set back, which will change what you need.  You will get stronger, better, faster, more awesome.  You’ll have to seek out new mountains to conquer.  That’s the greatest part about being a human!

The at-home thing works for me now.  I get to pick from a bunch of programs.  I’m close to my own shower, which I know doesn’t have plantar warts growing in it.  I can even access them when I’m traveling. (Like the time I did the line dancing workout in a tiny hotel room.)  But I can ALSO go swim some laps, go for a run, go the the gym and lift some weights.

I can do anything I want, and that’s totally okay.  But I DO stuff.  It’s often easier to START at home.  The gym is scary.  People driving by you when you are trying to run on the street, that’s intimidating.  If I need the people portion, I can workout with a friend at home or find the friends on Facebook who are also doing the same thing as I am.  That way, I have a gym buddy, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

So forget what you think about working out at home.  It’s as awesome as you want to make it.  And it’s pretty great when you let it.

Tiny triathlon

This week is going to be super hot, again, here in Southern California.  I don’t know what to say.  Yes, we are whining about something the rest of the world deals with quite well.  But personally, I am not acclimated for this amount of unending heat and humidity.  It’s getting to the point it doesn’t really cool down at night anymore.  Ridiculous.

Oh yeah, and we never fixed our heat and A/C when we bought our place.  So, we have none of those options.

Tomorrow we are going down to the beach for some fun time in the surf!  It’s aqua jogging time!  Practicing transitions!  Dolphin dives.  I don’t think it will really count as “open water” as we are unlikely to get past the breakers, but it’s another step, yeah?

Truly, the only thing I don’t love about this workout is the sand. It really does get everywhere.  And I feel it on my feet and it bugs the crap out of me.

Today we did another tiny triathlon in the comforts of the training facility of the clubhouse.  All air conditioned.  We ran against bungie cords in a harness, “swam” by kicking while on a stability ball, and biked on the Spin Bike.  3 rounds of THAT was fun enough.  I like the tiny triathlon days because it makes me remember my goal.  The goal is kind of ephemeral right now, but I think with every day it’s going to get clearer from here on out.

Laurie Bolt

Umm, Have You Forgotten About Triathlon?

No, actually I HAVEN’T forgotten about my triathlon goals.  I know it seems it, with all this talk to 5K and Beachbody, and Shakeology, and eating Paleo, and all the other seeingly random health-related things I bring up here.  Finishing a triathlon is definitely still my goal.  Maybe my why has changed?  I view triathlon as something REALLY badass.  I think of myself as pretty badass.  Therefore, completing a triathlon would further prove that train of thought.  You really need a great level of fitness and endurance to finish one.  You can’t really just get away with being good at one event and phoning the others in.

I'm still regularly doing TRX and getting fantastic strength and flexibility gains.

I’m still regularly doing TRX and getting fantastic strength and flexibility gains.

I have started running.  Like, actually running, not just walking really fast.  I’m working with a trainer who is really helping me get my form down.  My fitness level and muscle development is good enough that I can venture in to this world and not have to worry about killing my joints now.  Sometimes my lungs keep me back, sometimes it’s my legs.  Strength and cardio endurance.  I’m going to piggy back with these, but I’ll get better at both.

Biking is still eluding me.  I have a bike, but I’m not super comfortable on it.  We’re going to get a trailer hitch on one of our cars so we can use a bike rack to transport our bikes.  As it is now, my bike is big and heavy and getting 2 bikes in our small SUV is kind of difficult.  My husband thinks that cycling will be the best way to improve my cardio output without hurting my body.

Swimming.  I could be swimming in the ocean *right now* but I’m using the excuse that it’s too cold.  Which, really, it is.  But I also have access to a couple of pools.  I need to get my butt back in the water.  It’s always awesome and I always think “Why haven’t I been doing this” when I’m swimming regularly.  I did practice water transitions with my trainer.  Unfortunately it resulted in the loss of my iPhone because, well, I have no excuse other than I didn’t think far enough ahead.

I’m going to find an event within a week and either sign up or set up an alert for it.

Seeing the World Through New Eyes


My LASIK surgery was last Friday and everything is going well so far.  In general it was ridiculously easy.  I was not nearly tranquilized to the point I thought I would be when we started the procedure.  But, I was okay.  The surgery didn’t hurt, a few times it felt weird and some of the optical effects I saw were REALLY weird.  It was really incredible that as soon as the correction was made, even the tracking lights on the machine snapped in to focus.

This little capillary break is the only thing visible from the surgery. It feels fine.

This little capillary break is the only thing visible from the surgery. It feels fine.

Recovery was a little rough.  The numbing drops wore off before the pain killer kicked in.  I had a long time where I just lay in bed and willed myself to fall asleep but I couldn’t because of the pain.  The Vicodin really didn’t kill the pain, it just made me feel weird.  I didn’t like it, but I took them anyway.  For about 4 hours I couldn’t open my eyes, but had to use the bathroom like every hour, which made my husband being home the best thing ever.  Thanks, P.  Seriously!

Then, around 6 PM I woke up and I could see.  The next morning I was 20/15 at my follow up.  I have no idea how long it’s been since I could see that well without glasses or contacts, at least since I was 12.

Post-op my distance vision is beyond sharp.  Closer up I have a harder time focusing, but that should get better.  I have night time halos but they aren’t as bad as I feared, and they’ll also get better.  I haven’t had a big problem with dry eye and I’m getting awesome about putting in eye drops.

I’m missing workouts, even with the annoyance of my glasses and I can’t wait to get going again.  And I’m very excited about swimming with my new eyes!  It’s going to make further triathlon training so much better.

I dream of water

It has been awhile since I’ve written here!  And even longer since I’ve been in the pool.  Rediscovering my love of swimming has definitely been one of the highlights of 2012.  But, even here in SoCal, it gets a little too cold to hit the outdoor pool, so I’ve retired my suits for a little while.  I still have hope that I can make it to my gym’s other location sometime soon that has an indoor pool.

Training has been going along very well.  I’ve been lifting heavy the last few weeks, which always leaves me feeling so strong and accomplished.  I haven’t been great about cardio on my solo days.  Also, I’m wearing glasses full time until the end of the month.  I’m getting LASIK in a couple of weeks, so I have to take a break from contacts.  Which makes me sad.  Working out in my glasses is so very annoying.  I actually ask people to push my glasses up on my face when I’m working out.

At night, I dream of swimming, of being in open water, and the calm, even flow of my motion.  Dreams like that are awesome and although I do wake up disappointed that they aren’t real, they propel me forward.

Swimming is love

Of all the wonderful events of 2012, one of the best has been finding my love of the water again. Our complex has a nice community pool and we started to take advantage of it in June. Once I got some swim suits that fit me, I’ve been chlorine laden and never looked back. My husband probably loves the hot tub more, but I love the pool. I love laps, I love floating around watching the stars. I even love skimming the bugs out.

Today was another scorcher in SoCal. (See! You can take the girl out of Maine, but she still has a wicked vocabulary!) A few friends and I decided to beat the heat in the pool. We bobbed around chatting for awhile, but after a sunning break, I did a few straight up free style, but I had some trouble with my breath out for some reason today. It took a lot of force to get it going. So, I ended up doing laps with the swim board. Nice and slow. I practiced my kick, my torso placement, alternated hands one of the board, one on the stroke, but I kept my face out of the water. It wasn’t ideal, but it gave me a lot of staying power. I ended up doing this for an hour. I felt accomplished but not body tired. I got a nice bit of golden brown on my skin that will have to last through the winter. (I don’t try to tan, it just happens and I absolutely will not go in a tanning bed/booth.) More importantly, my face freckles are out looking like mud spatter, just the way I like them – no joke.

Several hours later, my hamstrings have started to yell at me. I guess an hour of swim laps was a little much on the day before my training date. I’ll get my ass kicked one way or another tomorrow. I’ll hurt before or after, but probably both. And I love it.