Born to Wander.

I’m a born traveler. I used to annoy my parents to no end when I was a kid because I never wanted to stay home. I’m very fortunate to have had more opportunities than most young people. And as an adult I’ve tried to take advantage of any chances I’ve had to go anywhere new.

I don’t mind flying. Buses are fine. Trains are kinda cool. I’m down for a cross county road trip *whenever.* Boats? You *know* I love life on the high sea!

This was a busy summer for travel and me. I went to Nashville for Beachbody Summit, which is a new state and city for me! I went back to SF to see dear friends get married. And I spent 3 whole weeks back in Maine, with family, friends, new friends and lots of cats.

I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to do this travel, I don’t take it for granted for a second. My manager at Starbucks let me fly the coop for an extended period of time, and my job as a Team Beachbody Coach let’s me do the good work that I’m passionate about anywhere. I imagine a time when I can do even more travel, even more connecting in person, even more sweating with the people I care most about.

Wifi is my best friend. The world is a small place because we can keep in touch about the fun things we do and stay on track with our health and fitness goals. The world is also a BIG place. Flying over looking down below makes me want to see it all.

If I get the window seat, I'm happy!

If I get the window seat, I’m happy!

Friend Makin’ Mondays: My Community

I’m dealing with some major exhaustion today! I’m considering getting another B-6/B-12 injection this week to see if it perks me up. What do you think about vitamin injections? I’m pretty much at the point right now where I’ll try anything!

Here we go.


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My Community

1. Where were you born? Did you grow up there? I was born in Bangor, Maine. I grew up in a very small town called Glenburn right outside of Bangor. When I say small, I mean it. We don’t have a stoplight. There is no proper name for my town on Google Maps. I went to high school in Bangor, so I always identify with the city more anyway.

2. Tell us about your favorite spot in your city. I live in San Diego now. It’s as fabulous as you’ve heard. I think my favorite spot is San Elijo State Beach. It was the first beach we went to play at. We live near there now and go there to run and walk. We go there to splash around and connect with the water. It also has KILLER stairs to get up and down.

Up and down the stairs gets tiring!

Up and down the stairs gets tiring!

3. Do you volunteer for any organizations? If so, will you tell us about it? I’m a very proud Alpha Phi, which is a international women’s fraternity. Yes, I’m a sorority girl. I’m the President of the alumnae group here and have been active for 4 years. I’ve also been a part of the San Diego Alumnae Panhellenic, which is a group made up of women from a bunch of different sororities. SDAP gives away merit scholarships to young women in the area and it’s a great way to give back, show the public what being in a sorority is all about.

Alpha Phis and friends at the SD Padres!

Alpha Phis and friends at the SD Padres!

4. Tell us about your favorite local restaurant. I love Rosanna’s Pasta Shop. I only allow myself to go there once a week, otherwise I’d eat every lunch there, get sick of it, or send myself in to a binge-a-thon. It’s a charming family-run restaurant owned by an Italian-American family who hails from Venice. They make the best sandwiches outside of Maine. Their homemade pasta is amazing – to eat there or to take home and cook yourself.

5. Has your city ever experienced tragedy? If so, how did it recover? San Diego has wild fires every few years. I haven’t seen one yet, and I’m thankful. There’s no getting away from the fire, you just have to get safe and rebuild.

6. Share at least one unique thing about your neighborhood. My little corner of the neighborhood used to be mobster territory! All the homes around my complex look kind of imposing, well, there’s a good reason for those big thick walls. In the 70’s this is where mobsters went to their vacation homes.

This is my condo complex.  With tennis courts on top of the parking garage!

This is my condo complex. With tennis courts on top of the parking garage!

7. If you could do one small thing to change your community, what would you do? I’d like to see more EV stations so that people with electric cars could better utilize them. There’s definitely a growing trend around here for electric cars!

8. The Powerball is currently up to 400 million dollars. Would you move to a different place if you won? No. I pretty much live in paradise. I’m lucky to live here. BEYOND lucky. Powerball would let me visit other places, but San Diego is where it’s at.