I’m a total failure at most everything I’ve done. Are you a failure?

I listened to a great lady speak this morning about how she’s felt like a failure most of her life. I can totally relate.

I got fired from my last job. Failure. I’m not paying half our household bills, failure. I didn’t finish my Master’s degree. Failure. My boyfriends in college wouldn’t commit. Failure. My grades went downhill in high school. Failure. I got cut from sports teams. Failure. I didn’t get in to the science program or the writing program I applied to when I was younger. Failure. I didn’t get the promotion I wanted. Failure. I could go on. I’m in this awesome Beachbody team and the majority of my friends think this is a dumb pyramid scheme. Failure. And they think that these workouts I do at home are dumb and you have to go to the gym to workout. Failure.

One last one. I haven’t lost as much weight as I have wanted. For all the work I do, I should be at goal already, right? I’m a failure.

Yeah, sure I have had some setbacks. And sure, sometimes I feel a little like a fraudulent health coach since I’m doing all the actions and yet, I’m not a shining beacon of accomplishment.

But Chelsea said something this morning that stuck with me. Failures are bruises, not tattoos.

Any failure I’ve had in the past lead to me here in this moment. And I’m someone who likes where I am now. Things happen in life and I know that there’s failure to come, but I’m sure there is some success in there for me, too