My Paleo Diet: Day 23 – Coooookies

Here I am, I have ONE week left. And last night I had a disturbing dream about cookies. In my dream, someone asked me to hand them some cookies. I handed them a few and put one in my mouth. Then I remembered I’m paleo and spit it out! That wasn’t enough, I then washed my mouth out with water several times.

I think my GI stuff may be improving a bit, but honestly, I want a freaking cookie.

My Paleo Diet: Day 20 – Ready for sweet ice cream

The good news is, I’ve made it this far. I’m going to make it to Day 30. I’m still planning to start reintroduction on Day 31. But if I start to feel some of that mythical “tiger blood” before then, I might switch things up.

A friend from college posted this to me on Twitter after I posted the snapshot of my calendar.


And it’s a good point, really. And it’s also something that I’d like to address. I’ve done a lot of lifestyle changes. Many of them have really stuck. I don’t drink milk anymore. I don’t drink soda. I avoid HFCS. I eat a fairly balanced diet. I’ve adapted a lot of my husband’s diabetic restrictions in to my own diet. I’ve learned to love some foods that I always used to avoid! But I’ve honestly found that those changes haven’t been enough to make my digestive system happy. I’m still getting very sick. I can’t keep nutrients in to my system. My doctors really don’t have any good answers. And yes, I’m also having a hard time losing weight.

I’ve never stuck with any diet modification like this for 20 days. Even when I’ve been on a diet to lose weight and it’s been working, I’m not 100% on the ball. This commitment is hard for me. I haven’t gone off plan and that’s a big deal for me. Sure, this is a pretty crazy restrictive thing to do, but I’ve been able to do it because it’s not forever. I know that I can give up grains, ice cream (with Lactaid, of course), tofu, soy, rice, and peanut butter temporarily. I’m not so sure about eliminating them from my diet forever and ever.

However, I have felt the crazy “OMG, WHAT AM I DOING?” moments. Those are usually when I complain-tweet. Some days it is really hard to be in the produce aisle of the grocery store with the baked goods just feet away. Some days I really miss chocolate. Some days my cravings aren’t satiated with a bowl of strawberries with coconut milk.

But a lot of the time, I’m strangely okay with my Paleo meals. They actually are quite filling. And being so mindful of my food has been a big change. I now see how often I mindless eat when food is present. Being so deliberate about my diet has been good. Even when I go back in to reintroduction I’m going to go to my favorite Paleo meals. The Banana-Almond Butter pancakes are fantastic! I made my own mayonnaise. That’s pretty damn cool. But, yes, I really do miss ice cream and I look forward to being reunited with it.