Lazy before LASIK

I have NOT been hitting the gym as hard as I used to.  I haven’t been exercising outside much either.  And in a bit, I’m totally cut off for a week.

I’m getting LASIK surgery on Nov. 30!  I’m excited and it’s going to make the triathlon training and execution so much better.  I wear contacts most of the time, but you have to be in glasses for awhile before surgery so your corneas are relaxed and not warped by the lenses.  After the Race for the Cure on Nov. 3, I’d been only wearing glasses.  My surgeon called for 2 weeks, but I decided to make it more like 3.

Here I am in my glasses. Although they look sharp, It will be good to retire them.

Exercising in glasses is really annoying.  I’ve joked that it’s probably why I didn’t exercise enough as a kid!  I started wearing glasses in 7th grade, and they weren’t ever really optional, despite the fact I protested all of 8th grade and wouldn’t wear them to school.  I’m not functional without them.  So I’ve been dealing with them sliding down my face and fogging up constantly.  I’ve been going to training and trying to get in one or two other gym workouts in the same week.

I’m looking forward to having great vision, and not having to worry about contacts when open water swimming!  Because I’d be kind of screwed.  I’m not looking forward to having to take a week off from the gym after surgery.  I wonder if I can still do ab work?

Tales of my Fitness Past – Part 4

I’m continuing to layout the story of my life, as it pertains to fitness, body issues and happiness.  It’s really helping me process what went on.  You guys out there are actually reading this, which is awesome!  If you know me, I hope you get a kick out of all the old photos.

In my early 20’s, I had graduated college, gotten fit, acquired and left my first big job, and then, shortly after Y2K (remember that whole mess?) moved with my good friend to my state’s largest city to pursue my dreams of becoming a professional floozy.  No, not really.  We moved to the Big City because we wanted more than what our Small City had to offer.

Looking back on this time, I was actually doing pretty okay.  I got a membership at a local gym and had a couple of gym buddies.  We’d hold each other accountable.  As for training, I was pretty much going on my own.  The free personal training they offered was a JOKE, but I knew enough to be dangerous by this point.  Working out was a big part of my social life.  I made casual friends there, spent time talking out the day’s problems with my girlfriends on the elliptical.  I even dated a guy who went to the same gym, we’d have dates there, trying to beat each other on the treadmill.  The evening on September 11 when the world was going to hell?  I was on the cardio deck, watching the closed captioned news.

Yes, these photos are from house parties. But, they really show how happy I was. On one side was a former mortal enemy, on the other, a dear friend from when I was a teen.

My love of Step Aerobics was hit hard though when I took classes there.  I could keep up with classes at the other gyms I had been to, multiple instructors, but at this place, the choreography was too much.  I ended up finding a new group fitness passion.  Yoga!  I took a class at a school that tended toward the Hatha/Iyengar style and it fit me perfectly.  When I practiced yoga I felt amazing.  I was happier, more peaceful, and I called a truce with the war on my body without realizing it.  Plus, one day I went to shave my legs in the shower and felt my calves.  OMG.  Ripped!  Yoga taught me how to breathe my way out of anxiety, which came in handy for my 45 min commute on a neglected stretch of highway in a snow storm.

Professionally, I went from SUPER temp, to landing pretty much my dream job as a scientist, to being a graduate student.  I had a great group of friends.  A core part of my college group was in the Big City with me, I could count on many others to pass through a couple times a year to catch up, and I made a lot of new friends.  We walked the 3 and a half mile loop near where I lived, hiked, and we DANCED.  I was out dancing nearly every weekend.  Drinking was usually included, but everything was more controlled than it had been.  One of my favorite memories was getting ready at my place with my pack of girlfriends, parking the car in the garage across from the bar district, taking off our coats and mittens, running as fast as possible into the bars wearing little thin shirts, and boots with insane heels.

My diet was fairly decent.  When we started out, my roommate and I were the original 2 Broke Girls.  We’d frequent restaurants with “college night” specials, even if when we were out of school.  Good thing our IDs didn’t expire.  We cooked a lot at home.  I don’t think I ever drank soda, and if I ate dessert, it was usually an insanely special occasion.  We just couldn’t afford it.  I got used to cooking for 1 more often, and I learned to like eating lots of fish.  I frequented the public market for produce and even if I wasn’t “by the book” I was still more or less on “The Zone.”  I even stopped drinking entirely from Jan 1 2000-May 5 2000.  Cinco de Mayo broke my will.

OMG, this is proof I used to have a waist. We wore leis because every February I’d throw a tropical themed party to distract us from how freaking cold and miserable we were.

As for my mood?  There were ups and downs.  The breakup from my treadmill opponent boyfriend hit me pretty hard, but I threw myself in to my social life to make up for it, and started seeing a professional to work through it the right way.

Looking back, maybe I wasn’t in as ass kicking shape as I was after college, but I was in a smaller size.  Fitness and friends were the biggest part of my life.  I was professionally happy and didn’t really care about adding anything else to the equation.  And do you know what happened then?

I met my future husband.

(This isn’t the end by a long-shot.  I have a lot more to say!)

Heel Trouble

That heel pain is still with me.  Not super terrible, but enough that I’ve had to kind of change my normal gait.  I’ve always been a heel strike, roll on to the balls of my feet kind of walker/runner.  I’ve tried running on the balls of my feet, and that’s okay, but walking without heel strike is just weird.  I feel like I’m walking like a marionette or something.

My circuit training was tough yesterday.  Partway in to my second group of circuits I started to feel really weird.  I wasn’t counting reps correctly (doing too many!) and my vision was weird.  I couldn’t really concentrate straight ahead and my peripheral vision was a little fuzzy.  So I took a beat, got a juice from my trainer.  I really hate not being able to power through.  My nutrition was on target – I had my big breakfast as directed, an hour and a half before the workout.  I primed up with honey right before and I carried a water bottle around.  (I usually take water breaks at the fountain between circuits.)

I took the day off today and the heel is feeling a bit better, but I’m not going to call in tomorrow.  I’ll either use the stationary bike or swim.  Hey, if I’m serious about this triathlon thing (and I am)  I have to start with the whole biking thing and using a stationary bike is just about as good as anything I can do now.

Just to be safe, I am going to check in with my podiatrist.  I wear custom foot orthotics for a plethora of foot trouble.  Maybe it’s time for a new pair, but I just want to make sure I get the sign off to continue to train the way I want to.

Feeling fine!

…with the exception of my heel which seems to be angry.

I just finished a 3 day streak of having great workouts!  A lower body weight training day, an upper body day, and then 30 min of intervals on the treadmill tonight.  Tomorrow is my weekly meeting with the trainer.

I feel really good.  The heel pain has been building for a bit, but I iced it with my frozen water bottle tonight and I’m going to take some Advil before sleep.  I did a good job with my upper body work Sunday because I feel it today!  It was a little hard getting all my sets in since as soon as I got in the zone of my circuit, I got a lot of machine crashers in my midst.  I got my multi-joint work in first and finished up with polishing moves.  I even through some extra abs in for good measure.

My good friend did his first triathlon Sunday morning!  Although he was pretty tired and hurting that evening, he had a wonderful time and gave me a lot of good information.  This is something I am very serious about doing, even though it’s a ways off.  I have a lot of work to do in the meantime.

I’m less interested in how my body looks now that I’m a little older.  I’m more anxious to see what it can DO.  That said, I’m down in weight again today.  As long as this heel pain goes away, I don’t plan on downshifting anytime soon from this forward progress.