Friend Makin’ Mondays: 10 Simple Questions

Yo! It’s that time again. Things you never thought to ask me! Back for another round of Friend Makin’ Monday. Tomorrow I have news to post about my recent developments.


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Ten Simple Questions

1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? I honestly can’t remember looking in the mirror this morning! It was probably a thought about my hair as I changed the elastic position from pineapple ponytail for sleeping to pull through bun for showering.

2. Do you prefer to pay for things with cash or plastic? Plastic. Way easier. I hate change, I don’t have room for it in my wallet and it smells funny.

3. What is one word that you use too often? “RIGHT!?!” This is totally my fault. 2 of our friends say this all the time when you say something they agree with, and my husband and I started saying it to each other gently in jest. And guess what? It took. Gah!

4. Who is the last person outside of your family who said “I love you” to you? Probably my dear friend Amber over text. The two of us have been in a support vortex lately with each other.

Letter writing

5. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone and mailed it? Probably, Amber! She was my college roommate and since then we always have written letters to each other when we are apart. Sometimes they are epic letters with many pages, taking place over a series of days. It’s just our thing.

6. Have you ever been called upon for jury duty? I’ve been called to the jury pool, but not selected for service. Here in CA, you WILL get called, along with hundreds of other people on the same day. On my day no trials started so all of us went home. It was like a bizarre waiting area in an airline terminal.

7. How many keys are on your key ring? Just 4, an d 2 dongles. Car, mailbox, house, storage area. I don’t like lots of keys on a ring.

8. List two characteristics that you want to change about yourself. My employment status would be a good change and maybe the state of my fingernails? I know this is weird, but this is what I came up with!

9. Do you bring your own shampoo and conditioner when you travel, or do you use what the hotel provides? I use WEN, so I bring that in a special little travel bottle that squeezes it out perfectly. My hair only sees shampoo when I go to the salon. I’ve been a WEN girl for 2 years now, and my hair has never looked better.

10. What is your birthstone? Do you like it? Mine is a diamond and of course I like it. But, it’s also annoying because it’s a diamond and it’s expensive! And if you got a birthstone ring, it looked like an engagement ring. I like colored stones too. I always wanted emerald or ruby when I was a kid.