My Paleo Diet: Day 11 – Worried, Sleepy and Determined

This is Day 11 of the Whole 30 challenge I have set for myself. So far I have to say, it hasn’t been awful and I haven’t had even 1 slip up. I find that instead of obsessing about what I can’t eat, my mind instead gets worried about what I may accidentally eat. Eleven days is no joke and I don’t want to slip up.

Maybe this is lame, but I'm wearing this bracelet the for the Whole 30.  It's a good reminder to stay on track!

Maybe this is lame, but I’m wearing this bracelet the for the Whole 30. It’s a good reminder to stay on track!

I didn’t realize just how many dishes I’d be having to clean on this plan! I have eaten out twice in the past 11 days, so that’s a whole lot of meals cooked at home. If you know me, you know I hate doing dishes. But especially since I set a good deal of our extra kitchen stuff up to Northern California for my husband’s apartment, I have to keep on top of the dishes if I want to cook. And I don’t have the luxury of saying “Screw it” and getting a slice of pizza instead.

How do I feel? I actually do feel smaller. I know that sounds odd. My pants slide on easier and when I put my hands on my hips (which I do a lot) they seem like they are closer to my center than before. I have noticed that my sleep has improved. That’s a blessing! I don’t normally sleep terribly, but I do have trouble falling asleep – especially on nights that I am here alone.

I can’t say that I’ve hit that penultimate point where I feel awesome and can’t imagine going back to eating grains and sugars. I’m not totally sold yet. I’m giving it the 30 days, and I’m not going to give up, but I don’t see the huge changes that other people said they have. My digestive and GI issues persist even though I’m not eating dairy or grain at all. I had a day of low energy, a day of full-feeling ears, and today I’ve had a sore throat. I can’t blame it on A/C so I’m wondering if this is the mythic “paleo flu” I’ve heard about.

People have strong opinions about diets. My trainers are THRILLED that I’m trying this. My doctor was skeptical and offered me a referral to another program. I told her that I was seeing this through and I asked “How bad can a diet of lean protein and vegetables and fruit be?” I’ll give her an update in a few months. My husband has been very supportive, even researching and cooking me a paleo friendly pancake. He’s now researching crepes for the weekend. I have not thoroughly cleaned out my kitchen of everything not on plan. He’s eating most meals with me, but he is getting the stuff he wants, too. It’s been fine. I did ask him to finish or throw out the candied ginger before he left this week because I don’t trust myself around it. I have told a few friends what I’m up to. No one has told me I’m crazy, but they don’t have to. I can tell by the silence and the look on their faces. That’s fine, really. I’m not doing this for anyone else, I’m doing it for myself anyway.

Diet Overhaul: Brought to you by the Paleolithic Era

I mentioned that I’ve been working with a group of trainers this Spring, rather than just my normal, awesome, usual kick ass trainer. It’s been great working with these other 2 guys as they have a lot to teach me and challenge me in different ways. One of the trainers is also in school for nutrition and has lost a great deal of weight. At one my sessions we started talking and he recommended a Paleo Cleanse for my diet. At least 30 days of straight up Paleo eating. I considered it for a long time. I did some planning and I picked my date to start.

That day was last Monday after returning from a trip to Northern California that I called “My Farewell to Carbs (and Booze).” I was also nursing a very sore back that had been angry for a week. But, jumping in full force was a bit too much for me, and I didn’t have a lot of structure in place to make it happen. So I ate as Paleo as I could without being totally committed for 4 days. Basically, I had something non Paleo each day, but tried to keep the rest in check. I did some research, I asked questions, I solicited advice from Paleo masters and ended up signing up for the Whole 30 plan and bought the book “It Starts with Food.”


I’m on Day 4 and I was able to walk into the grocery store today and not feeling like gravity is bringing me over to the bakery. I’m not going to lie, this is hard. Obviously I miss being able to eat whatever I want without much thought, but I also miss things that I always consider healthy and this program has you avoid for 30 days. Yogurt, peanut butter, soy products, corn, beans, and potatoes. Okay, I knew potatoes would be banned, but I’m Irish, so it’s basically like telling me to loose a finger to not eat a potato.

Okay, why am I doing this? There’s a million diets out there, and untold other healthy eating options. Why so extreme? Well, I’m really sick of my GI trouble. I’m lactose intolerant and while that knowledge has been a big piece of my puzzle, I still have issues even when I avoid dairy. I can’t keep Iron and Vit D levels up. My colon is kind of like a water park. Things go through really fast, too fast. The purpose of primal eating is to get back to basics and let your body do the healing that it needs to do. I’m looking forward to reintroduction – not gonna lie! But also to figure out what else makes me so sick. I’d like to see how much weight I can loose. With no additional sugar and starch in my diet, am I going to turn in to a fat burning furnace?

I also am doing it because it’s hard and I want to conquer it. I’m a badass in the gym, now I want to be a badass in the kitchen. I hate being a slave to food. That’s my #1 complaint about all the diets I’ve been on in my life. To be successful, I have to pretty much be obsessed and breathe the program. This plan emphasizes cooking for yourself in a whole new category. So yes, I’m volunteering to be in the kitchen most of the day, and to be obsessed with my food. But this time it’s healthy food. Sure, it’s easier to make up my mind 20 min before I eat about what I want. But now I’m giving myself what I need. And I want to see what happens.