What the hell did I sign up for?

Tomorrow I’m doing the Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon Relay with my dude.  I’m all in.  But I’d be lying if I told you I was prepared.  I am not.

My last 5K - friends, fun, but not a great pace.

My last 5K – friends, fun, but not a great pace.

When I started this blog I was trying to develop a love affair with running.  I don’t necessarily think that happened.  I acknowledge that running is helpful for building cardio endurance, and in general, it’s probably a good life skill.  Eventually we are all running from or to something!  Races became a way to make sure I got a decent workout and to be able to track my progress.  It was fun, it was something I could do with friends, or my dude – and sometimes I did it all alone.

The 5K distance is easy, I did a 10K in December with little trouble.  I should be fine, right?  I’m not so sure.  I’ve scaled down workouts and ramped up nutrition lately.  I’ve been putting just 4 hours a week in.  That’s a BIG change from where I was in November.  But, I generally feel pretty good.  I hope that I am just psyching myself out on this.

However, I am leaner than I ever have been.  I have a pretty physically demanding job now that I’ve adapted very well to.  I can go hard for 2 or more hours.  I’m only in for 6 miles.  I can *do* this.

This race is going to be probably only one of 3 I do this year.  That’s a big change from one a month that I tried to do a few years ago.  I have less t-shirts and medals to show for it, but I concentrate more on the performance.  I’m going to bed early, I’ve been avoiding dairy.  I’m trying to hydrate.  My infection still hasn’t cleared 100% and the antibiotics are going to make sunscreen really important.

So here I go (tomorrow).  I’ll see you on the other side of the finish.