How FOMO Pushed Me to Make a Crazy Decision


I wouldn’t say I’m someone that always follows the pack, but I definitely am someone who want to know what’s going on.  I’m a little on the gossipy side.  I snoop.  I admit it – I often have FOMO – Fear of Missing Out.

This particular adventure started in October.  Beachbody previewed it’s newest workout at a Super Saturday even I attended.  I had heard about this program at Summit in July and I thought it sounded interesting, but not for me.  It was hardcore.  It was lots of lifting.  It was for super fit people to get sculpted.  I’m not a body builder – I like weights, but I didn’t think this was for me.

The previewed workout was REALLY FUN.  Even more of note, my husband attended, did the workout and expressed interest in the program.  That’s a big deal.  He’s not a program groupie.  He does his own thing.  But he was pumped.

Then the marketing train really started.  The excitement was building.  The two trainers leading the program announced THEY were running a Challenge Group.  The CEO was in it.  My team was gearing up.

Well, shit.

I didn’t want to be left behind.  I wanted in on the new hotness.  I had to do it.

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel launched in December.  I gave myself December to get ready and do a 21 Day Fix to see if I could get ready for the punishment.  21 Day Fix is a great program and I found that it was COMPLETELY something I could easily handle. Almost too much.  So, I thought I was ready for this Hammer & Chisel stuff.

Luckily the meal plans are nearly identical. And I had experience seeing my husband doing the exercises for a month before my first day.

There’s a pretty big disclaimer on this one that I ignored. THIS IS A PROGRAM FOR GRADUATES OF OTHER DIFFICULT PROGRAMS, LIKE INSANITY, P90X, 21 DAY FIX EXTREME.

I did it anyway.

The first week was hard but okay.  By 4 days in it was time for a rest day and I honestly thought I could have handled another workout.  But I rested.  I was sore, sure, but it was okay.

By week 2 all the punishment from the workouts compounded and I felt absolutely defeated. But I limped through.  I drank my Recovery shakes.  I got sleep.  I ignored the fact that my ass felt like concrete.

When week 3 rolled in, I was back in the swing of it.  And now I’m in week 6.  I haven’t missed a workout.  Sometimes I’ve done them VERY late at night.  My schedule on second half of week 7 will be tough.  10 hours a day in a Personal Development class – commuting, workouts, pet sitting.  Who needs sleep?

I’m modifying when I have to.  I’m charting my dumb bell weights, and I’m lifting heavier.

This isn’t the program that’s going to get me to lose a bunch of weight.  This is a program that’s going to get me stronger, tougher, and ready for the next program which WILL fat blast.

I’m excited.