Umm, Have You Forgotten About Triathlon?

No, actually I HAVEN’T forgotten about my triathlon goals.  I know it seems it, with all this talk to 5K and Beachbody, and Shakeology, and eating Paleo, and all the other seeingly random health-related things I bring up here.  Finishing a triathlon is definitely still my goal.  Maybe my why has changed?  I view triathlon as something REALLY badass.  I think of myself as pretty badass.  Therefore, completing a triathlon would further prove that train of thought.  You really need a great level of fitness and endurance to finish one.  You can’t really just get away with being good at one event and phoning the others in.

I'm still regularly doing TRX and getting fantastic strength and flexibility gains.

I’m still regularly doing TRX and getting fantastic strength and flexibility gains.

I have started running.  Like, actually running, not just walking really fast.  I’m working with a trainer who is really helping me get my form down.  My fitness level and muscle development is good enough that I can venture in to this world and not have to worry about killing my joints now.  Sometimes my lungs keep me back, sometimes it’s my legs.  Strength and cardio endurance.  I’m going to piggy back with these, but I’ll get better at both.

Biking is still eluding me.  I have a bike, but I’m not super comfortable on it.  We’re going to get a trailer hitch on one of our cars so we can use a bike rack to transport our bikes.  As it is now, my bike is big and heavy and getting 2 bikes in our small SUV is kind of difficult.  My husband thinks that cycling will be the best way to improve my cardio output without hurting my body.

Swimming.  I could be swimming in the ocean *right now* but I’m using the excuse that it’s too cold.  Which, really, it is.  But I also have access to a couple of pools.  I need to get my butt back in the water.  It’s always awesome and I always think “Why haven’t I been doing this” when I’m swimming regularly.  I did practice water transitions with my trainer.  Unfortunately it resulted in the loss of my iPhone because, well, I have no excuse other than I didn’t think far enough ahead.

I’m going to find an event within a week and either sign up or set up an alert for it.

Swimming is love

Of all the wonderful events of 2012, one of the best has been finding my love of the water again. Our complex has a nice community pool and we started to take advantage of it in June. Once I got some swim suits that fit me, I’ve been chlorine laden and never looked back. My husband probably loves the hot tub more, but I love the pool. I love laps, I love floating around watching the stars. I even love skimming the bugs out.

Today was another scorcher in SoCal. (See! You can take the girl out of Maine, but she still has a wicked vocabulary!) A few friends and I decided to beat the heat in the pool. We bobbed around chatting for awhile, but after a sunning break, I did a few straight up free style, but I had some trouble with my breath out for some reason today. It took a lot of force to get it going. So, I ended up doing laps with the swim board. Nice and slow. I practiced my kick, my torso placement, alternated hands one of the board, one on the stroke, but I kept my face out of the water. It wasn’t ideal, but it gave me a lot of staying power. I ended up doing this for an hour. I felt accomplished but not body tired. I got a nice bit of golden brown on my skin that will have to last through the winter. (I don’t try to tan, it just happens and I absolutely will not go in a tanning bed/booth.) More importantly, my face freckles are out looking like mud spatter, just the way I like them – no joke.

Several hours later, my hamstrings have started to yell at me. I guess an hour of swim laps was a little much on the day before my training date. I’ll get my ass kicked one way or another tomorrow. I’ll hurt before or after, but probably both. And I love it.

I’m back

There has been so much going on that it would be pretty impossible to totally update you!  The road trip was good but I didn’t get nearly enough workouts in.  I paid dearly for it when I got to the gym for my next training session with Neal.  But, I really tried to do my “homework” and I think I bounced back pretty quickly.

I’m messing around with training nutrition.  I have started making my “monster smoothies” again rather than the breakfast sandwiches I had been making before morning sessions with Neal.  I feel great and I’ve had no loss of energy part way through.  Monster smoothies are calorie mongers though – so it’s something I have to be mindful of.

Right before I left for the road trip – I bought a bike!  And I FINALLY got to ride it this weekend!

Maybe I won’t set any speed records with this baby, but it’s a start.

The ride was good – it ended up being around 5 miles. Not bad since I haven’t ridden a bike since I was 13! I did okay on the road with traffic. Luckily we have great bike lanes in SoCal. Sadly, I wasn’t really able to control the bike really well and I took up most of the lane with weaving! And man, does my rear end still hurt!

It has been HOT HOT HOT here. And by that I mean, 80’s. The horror. So I’ve been hitting the pool for my cardio. I’m definitely getting the hang of in pool freestyle. I tried using a nose plug but it didn’t stay well and actually really hurt my nose. So I need to work on training myself to breathe OUT when the face is in the water and not end up inhaling the whole pool.