Terms that annoy me about fitness and weight loss.

Please note: this is more or less a rant. I’m picking on works and phrases that you probably use and maybe you just love them. I don’t, and I’m telling you why. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love you despite them.

This is my annoyed face.

This is my annoyed face.

Words are powerful. When you choose a word, you imply a meaning and sometimes, a back story. The culture of fitness and weight loss could fill its own dictionary.

The Weight. Weight as a definite article gives it a personification. It also reminds me of the old Slim Fast commercials “Give us a week, we’ll take off the weight!” The weight I have gained doesn’t define me and it definitely doesn’t deserve a title. It’s not something that’s going to go away and make my life magical. I am who I am, this is me.

No Pain, No Gain. This is bullshit. Exercising to injury will only get you sidelined. There’s a difference between pushing yourself beyond your comfortable boundaries for growth, and masochism.

My Weight Loss Journey. It’s actually just called life. And sometimes, in the middle of life, you gain weight and then lose it. I am more than a person with a weight issue. I don’t talk about my time in college as “my education journey” or the time before I met my husband as “my dating journey” or my time since as “my marriage journey.” There is no destination. For me, it’s about wellness. Some days are home runs, some aren’t. That’s life.

Willpower. The dangerous thing about referencing willpower is that it translates to “Well, if you aren’t able to meet your goals, it’s entirely due to the weakness of your mind.” I find this assumption dangerous because it puts a lot of pressure on people. We are all human and sometimes we slip, sometimes we fail, but if you put really negative connotations on setbacks it makes you feel like crap. And I don’t think that’s necessary.