Friend Makin’ Mondays: Easy Answers

I have been lucky to have had my husband home for 4 whole days! And no plane delays! No minor accidents happened before he arrived! Alas, he is back in NorCal for the week, but I’m soldiering on with the Whole 30. Day 17 is complete!


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Easy Answers

1. Are you a planner, or do you prefer to see where the moment takes you? I like to have a rough idea of what’s going on, but overall, I do like to fly by the seat of my pants and see what happens. There is so much you can’t control in this world, you might as well go with it and enjoy.

2. How often do you blog? I’ve been trying to blog twice a week. My biggest hurdle is photos. My blog design needs to have a featured image and sometimes I just don’t have one.

3. Do you color your hair? Oh my, yes indeed. Happy to say I only have 1 gray hair, but I’ve been kicking up the color for longer than I haven’t. Currently rocking a strawberry blonde ombre look.

4. If you had to choose between running or riding a bike, which one would you choose? Probably riding my bike because it would be faster!

5. Have you ever traveled outside of your home country? Yes – I’ve been to Italy, Greece, Great Britain and Canada.

Here I am at 15, going on 16 in Vatican City.

Here I am at 15, going on 16 in Vatican City.

6. Do you like weddings? I do like weddings! I like to dance at receptions, cry at ceremonies, see the pretty dresses, and try wedding cake.

7. What is your favorite guilty pleasure on TV? Totally Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I love them.

8. Are you good at math? I’m good at basic math, definitely not math in my head! I never understood Calculus, but I was pretty good all the way up through Trig.

9. What is the last movie you watched? We went to see World War Z last weekend. I liked it, and I usually don’t like zombie movies because they are too scary.

10. Share five adjectives that your friends would use to describe you. Honest, loyal, chatty, funny, and weird.

Bonus: Did you celebrate Independence Day? If so, what did you do? We had a couple of our close friends over. I grilled meat, made a salad and sweet potato fries. (Everyone eats Paleo at my house!) We sat around watching crazy YouTube videos on the AppleTV until the fireworks started, and then we walked upstairs to our bedroom, went out of the patio and watched 2 shows at once. I live near 2 resorts that do their own and we have a great view! Plus, no parking, no crowds, no bugs. It’s pretty great. Last year we watched one from the hot tub because it happened to be on another night than the other.

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