What’s Next?

That’s exactly what I’m trying to figure out. My Whole30 was so eye opening. It was successful. I made in 30 days staying as on plan. Whole30 is really, really strict – even for Paleo. I gave up chocolate for 30 days – that right there is a big deal. I lost 14 pounds. Even though in the midst of it all I didn’t feel like my GI symptoms improved – as soon as I had my first non-Paleo meal, I felt the difference. And, oddly, my lactose intolerance has been minimal since I finished the cleanse. That’s crazy.

I’m still doing my circuit training classes twice a week. Pretty soon it should be more than me and the trainer du jour. My main trainer – who is also the club’s fitness director, is going to really start pushing the classes and having some cool things going on. He wants to do one class a week out on the beach volleyball court. Circuit in the sand! So, it won’t be (basically) personal training twice a week anymore. But being with others will probably be really good for me. I’m pretty competitive, so this might really kick my butt.

I’ve started wearing my Fitbit again. I have yet to make it to 10,000 steps in a day but I’m easily getting in my 10 flights of stairs. I think that I just have to make a bit more effort with the walks. Fitbit is a really great way to see how you are doing. I’m a data person, so being able to look at a chart at the end of the day that says how I’ve been doing, it’s powerful.

Planning is something I pretty much suck at when it comes to meals. I don’t keep lists for shopping, I really go off my whims easily. I picked up a meal planning pad at Marshall’s the other day. I’m going to see if I can make it work.

Picked this up for $2.99 in orange.  It's on Amazon for $8.99! It's simple, but I think it could work for me.

Picked this up for $2.99 in orange. It’s on Amazon for $8.99! It’s simple, but I think it could work for me.

For awhile now I’ve been thinking about Shakeology. I follow a Beachbody coach named Jamie DeLorme on Facebook and she offered some free sample to try. It’s not bad, and I like how it’s pretty packed with nutrients. I think I’m going to give it a try, along with a 60 day challenge. One reason Weight Watchers worked for me in the past is the accountability – the support. So I think that this will fill that role for me. Especially now that my husband and I spend 5 days a week apart (and he’s totally on another fitness level as me, anyway!) and I really don’t have close friends around me that are in my same situation. It will be good to connect with others in my tribe.

We're doing fine with the distance, but that doesn't mean we don't have bad days, or bad weeks.

We’re doing fine with the distance, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have bad days, or bad weeks.

I’ve also decided to embrace obsession. I obviously want to keep a balance in all things, but I can’t deny that I could use some single-minded focus right now.

My Paleo Diet: Day 31 – WHAT THE WHAT?!?

I stuck it out. It sucked sometimes. But I finished. I had a deal with myself, if I lost under 10 lb, I would integrate a lot of the Paleo practices in to my life and diet. If I lost more than 10, I would seriously commit to this at least 80% of the time.

I lost 14.


I really don’t understand it! Things are fitting a bit better, but 14 lb lost isn’t what I thought it would be. I don’t care, I’ll take it. All. Day. Long.

How did I celebrate? I did a 5k! I also, had my first non Paleo meal afterwards and it sat in my stomach like a load of bricks and I got crazy gas burps.

The 5k was good – I didn’t run as much of it as I wanted, and I probably didn’t PR, but I beat people, and I got to run across the 50 yard line at Qualcomm stadium to see myself on the Jumbotron of the Chargers. Not a bad way to start a Sunday. And I got a new medal.


My Paleo Diet: Day 29 – The Hardest Mile

I am *almost* done the Whole30/Paleo cleanse. Honestly, this whole thing has been easier and harder than I imagined.

I haven’t felt awesome this whole month. Most proponents of primal eating say that you will feel awesome, have energy, focus, and tiger blood. That hasn’t happened, but there have been a few good spots. I think my GI stuff in generally improved. Being so diligent has made me much more aware of mindless eating patterns and cravings. My sleep has been pretty good overall. And smells don’t bother me quite as much. That sounds really strange, I know. But the natural body products area of any health food store gives me a stomach ache and a headache at the same time. I always have thought it was because I’m allergic to patchouli. But even though my sense of smell is the same, the smells aren’t hitting me the same way. Randomly I have my c reactive protein tested at the start of this, and I had to repeat some tests. At the beginning it was 1.1 and now it’s 0.9. It’s still higher than the desired range, but I have to think that 30 days of this diet has helped my internal inflammation.

The last few days have been the hardest since the first week because I know it’s almost over. Not only is it over, but I’m going out of town for a week. I don’t want to stock up on lots of fridge food that will go bad, and I’m just losing my kitchen creativity and drive. And things are starting to look REALLY good. Hamburgers with buns look delectable, I’m dreaming about pizza, and in the back of my brain I hear “Well, screw it, you’re almost done. It’s not like you’ve had huge changes. Let’s just do whatever we want.” 2 more days, I’ve promised to hold out for 2 more days.

I can’t say if I’ve lost weight. I think clothes are fitting better, but the plan doesn’t let you weigh yourself until the end. So, that’s where I’m at.

You little devil, you.

You little devil, you.

My Paleo Diet: Day 23 – Coooookies

Here I am, I have ONE week left. And last night I had a disturbing dream about cookies. In my dream, someone asked me to hand them some cookies. I handed them a few and put one in my mouth. Then I remembered I’m paleo and spit it out! That wasn’t enough, I then washed my mouth out with water several times.

I think my GI stuff may be improving a bit, but honestly, I want a freaking cookie.

My Paleo Diet: Day 20 – Ready for sweet ice cream

The good news is, I’ve made it this far. I’m going to make it to Day 30. I’m still planning to start reintroduction on Day 31. But if I start to feel some of that mythical “tiger blood” before then, I might switch things up.

A friend from college posted this to me on Twitter after I posted the snapshot of my calendar.


And it’s a good point, really. And it’s also something that I’d like to address. I’ve done a lot of lifestyle changes. Many of them have really stuck. I don’t drink milk anymore. I don’t drink soda. I avoid HFCS. I eat a fairly balanced diet. I’ve adapted a lot of my husband’s diabetic restrictions in to my own diet. I’ve learned to love some foods that I always used to avoid! But I’ve honestly found that those changes haven’t been enough to make my digestive system happy. I’m still getting very sick. I can’t keep nutrients in to my system. My doctors really don’t have any good answers. And yes, I’m also having a hard time losing weight.

I’ve never stuck with any diet modification like this for 20 days. Even when I’ve been on a diet to lose weight and it’s been working, I’m not 100% on the ball. This commitment is hard for me. I haven’t gone off plan and that’s a big deal for me. Sure, this is a pretty crazy restrictive thing to do, but I’ve been able to do it because it’s not forever. I know that I can give up grains, ice cream (with Lactaid, of course), tofu, soy, rice, and peanut butter temporarily. I’m not so sure about eliminating them from my diet forever and ever.

However, I have felt the crazy “OMG, WHAT AM I DOING?” moments. Those are usually when I complain-tweet. Some days it is really hard to be in the produce aisle of the grocery store with the baked goods just feet away. Some days I really miss chocolate. Some days my cravings aren’t satiated with a bowl of strawberries with coconut milk.

But a lot of the time, I’m strangely okay with my Paleo meals. They actually are quite filling. And being so mindful of my food has been a big change. I now see how often I mindless eat when food is present. Being so deliberate about my diet has been good. Even when I go back in to reintroduction I’m going to go to my favorite Paleo meals. The Banana-Almond Butter pancakes are fantastic! I made my own mayonnaise. That’s pretty damn cool. But, yes, I really do miss ice cream and I look forward to being reunited with it.

My Paleo Diet: Day 11 – Worried, Sleepy and Determined

This is Day 11 of the Whole 30 challenge I have set for myself. So far I have to say, it hasn’t been awful and I haven’t had even 1 slip up. I find that instead of obsessing about what I can’t eat, my mind instead gets worried about what I may accidentally eat. Eleven days is no joke and I don’t want to slip up.

Maybe this is lame, but I'm wearing this bracelet the for the Whole 30.  It's a good reminder to stay on track!

Maybe this is lame, but I’m wearing this bracelet the for the Whole 30. It’s a good reminder to stay on track!

I didn’t realize just how many dishes I’d be having to clean on this plan! I have eaten out twice in the past 11 days, so that’s a whole lot of meals cooked at home. If you know me, you know I hate doing dishes. But especially since I set a good deal of our extra kitchen stuff up to Northern California for my husband’s apartment, I have to keep on top of the dishes if I want to cook. And I don’t have the luxury of saying “Screw it” and getting a slice of pizza instead.

How do I feel? I actually do feel smaller. I know that sounds odd. My pants slide on easier and when I put my hands on my hips (which I do a lot) they seem like they are closer to my center than before. I have noticed that my sleep has improved. That’s a blessing! I don’t normally sleep terribly, but I do have trouble falling asleep – especially on nights that I am here alone.

I can’t say that I’ve hit that penultimate point where I feel awesome and can’t imagine going back to eating grains and sugars. I’m not totally sold yet. I’m giving it the 30 days, and I’m not going to give up, but I don’t see the huge changes that other people said they have. My digestive and GI issues persist even though I’m not eating dairy or grain at all. I had a day of low energy, a day of full-feeling ears, and today I’ve had a sore throat. I can’t blame it on A/C so I’m wondering if this is the mythic “paleo flu” I’ve heard about.

People have strong opinions about diets. My trainers are THRILLED that I’m trying this. My doctor was skeptical and offered me a referral to another program. I told her that I was seeing this through and I asked “How bad can a diet of lean protein and vegetables and fruit be?” I’ll give her an update in a few months. My husband has been very supportive, even researching and cooking me a paleo friendly pancake. He’s now researching crepes for the weekend. I have not thoroughly cleaned out my kitchen of everything not on plan. He’s eating most meals with me, but he is getting the stuff he wants, too. It’s been fine. I did ask him to finish or throw out the candied ginger before he left this week because I don’t trust myself around it. I have told a few friends what I’m up to. No one has told me I’m crazy, but they don’t have to. I can tell by the silence and the look on their faces. That’s fine, really. I’m not doing this for anyone else, I’m doing it for myself anyway.