Lazy before LASIK

I have NOT been hitting the gym as hard as I used to.  I haven’t been exercising outside much either.  And in a bit, I’m totally cut off for a week.

I’m getting LASIK surgery on Nov. 30!  I’m excited and it’s going to make the triathlon training and execution so much better.  I wear contacts most of the time, but you have to be in glasses for awhile before surgery so your corneas are relaxed and not warped by the lenses.  After the Race for the Cure on Nov. 3, I’d been only wearing glasses.  My surgeon called for 2 weeks, but I decided to make it more like 3.

Here I am in my glasses. Although they look sharp, It will be good to retire them.

Exercising in glasses is really annoying.  I’ve joked that it’s probably why I didn’t exercise enough as a kid!  I started wearing glasses in 7th grade, and they weren’t ever really optional, despite the fact I protested all of 8th grade and wouldn’t wear them to school.  I’m not functional without them.  So I’ve been dealing with them sliding down my face and fogging up constantly.  I’ve been going to training and trying to get in one or two other gym workouts in the same week.

I’m looking forward to having great vision, and not having to worry about contacts when open water swimming!  Because I’d be kind of screwed.  I’m not looking forward to having to take a week off from the gym after surgery.  I wonder if I can still do ab work?

I dream of water

It has been awhile since I’ve written here!  And even longer since I’ve been in the pool.  Rediscovering my love of swimming has definitely been one of the highlights of 2012.  But, even here in SoCal, it gets a little too cold to hit the outdoor pool, so I’ve retired my suits for a little while.  I still have hope that I can make it to my gym’s other location sometime soon that has an indoor pool.

Training has been going along very well.  I’ve been lifting heavy the last few weeks, which always leaves me feeling so strong and accomplished.  I haven’t been great about cardio on my solo days.  Also, I’m wearing glasses full time until the end of the month.  I’m getting LASIK in a couple of weeks, so I have to take a break from contacts.  Which makes me sad.  Working out in my glasses is so very annoying.  I actually ask people to push my glasses up on my face when I’m working out.

At night, I dream of swimming, of being in open water, and the calm, even flow of my motion.  Dreams like that are awesome and although I do wake up disappointed that they aren’t real, they propel me forward.